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New England Crafters Team All Regions NECTeam is a moderated team with the following requirements:

This team is for shop owners from New England...especially those who wish to support local artists and collectors.

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• You must live in New England

• You must have an active shop with at least 10 items for sale.

• You should be willing to make the effort to be active on the discussion boards. Stop by for a few minutes during your week, join in discussions and get to know your team mates, along with giving support and sharing business ideas.

• Promotion threads. Participation in promotions is optional, however helping to promote your team and teammates is always appreciated.

• This will be a TEAM that will require a little effort from everyone in order to make an amazing experience for all.

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Original Post

Save the dates ladies and gents. We'll do a couple of meetups this summer in Connecticut for coffee and networking. Feel free to attend one or both; July 14 we'll meetup somewhere south of New Haven and August 18 we'll meetup in the greater Hartford area. We'll set a time and place soon, in the meantime, please reply to this post if you think you'll be able to join.

Seen y'all soon,

Posted at 3:01pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT


I might be able to make it to CT!

Posted at 5:03pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

The greater Hartford one might sound good, although summer usually means my schedule becomes completely full of random fun stuff... so please keep me posted as we get closer to August!

Posted at 7:56pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Will definitely keep you posted and look for fall dates later in the summer, too.

Posted at 10:29pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT

Ohhh I live just outside New Haven!

Posted at 5:44pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Susan says

Waving from the Bridgeport area! Meeting up sounds like fun, wish I could make it, but I can't do Saturdays. Looking forward to checking in with this thread, though!

Posted at 9:12am Jul 1, 2012 EDT

Oh that sounds like fun. Hartford is only about an hour or so from me.

Posted at 9:41am Jul 1, 2012 EDT

While I prefer hanging in New Haven, Hartford is closer to me & would probably go to that one!

Posted at 7:28pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Hey Tricia thanks for doing this! I'd be interested in the Hartford area one if life doesn't get in the way. I'd like to recommend you NOT do downtown Hartford as parking can be an issue.

Posted at 8:00pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

I could probably make the Hartford one

Posted at 8:16pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT