Vintage and Main Please Welcome Our Newest Team Memebers!

Who can join?

Vintage and Main is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Vintage and Main is a moderated team for vintage sellers with the following requirements:

Applicants must:
• Have a passion for vintage
• Have a shop in good standing and in constant operation for over 1 year with frequent new listings
• Have a broad inventory of beautifully photographed and properly described listings, minimum of 2 full pages
• Have significant sales history with stellar feedback
• Have significant experience in, or a great desire to learn good business practices, marketing and social media
• Commit to being an active team member, invested in team projects and community building
• Fulfill participation requirements, which include a choice of weekly and monthly social networking & marketing tasks.

Our goal is to market each of the shops on the team and to support each other. We are a very close-knit family - frequent participation is required.

If accepted, you will receive a welcome letter to fill you in on the team goings-on. If declined, you will receive notification from Etsy but nothing from the team itself.

At this time we are looking for a very specific type of shop to fit within our aesthetic and curation style - please do not be discouraged if we don't have a place for your shop in the current mix.

Thank you.

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Original Post

Niftic says

Such a fun, eclectic and talented mix of fresh faces!


The Infamous Callooh

Carla and Interior Designer from Manchester, England

Marnie an Environmental Scientist from Melbourne, Australia

Posted at 6:25pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT


Welcome aboard Amanda, Callooh (Infamous, indeed), Carla and Marnie. Fabulous shops one and all!

Posted at 6:29pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Deb says

Welcome to the Team! I'm excited to have you here! I hope you'll take a moment to join the blog as a follower so you can follow how we feature our shops on the blog!

Posted at 6:31pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Welcome, love the shops!

Posted at 6:50pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Hello and welcome to the team! I've been a fan of TwoStory and CalloohCallay since I joined Etsy! Inspirit and epochco - you have great items in your shops! Love it!

Posted at 7:13pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Yay!!! Love the shops!

Posted at 7:21pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Welcome!! So happy to see you!

Cool shops- great people! How exciting!

Posted at 7:25pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Welcome FAB new team members :)

Posted at 7:30pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Wonderful shops, and great additions to the team! Welcome!

Posted at 8:53pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT

Welcome welcome!

Posted at 8:56pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT