Tooth Fairy Assistants Sellers--marketing to dentists?

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Original Post

Have any of you sellers taken your products to dentist offices or marketed directly with dentist offices? I have thought this might be the way to go with items specialized like ours, but I wonder if anybody had any luck with this?

Also, are there other marketing strategies that have helped you get visibility and sales for your goods?

Posted at 12:21pm May 22, 2012 EDT


Janet from JanetR says

Great question! I've thought about it, there's a Pediatric Dentist's office nearby. You have inspired me to go there and approach them. I'll probably go in the next week or two. I'm just getting over a bad cold and don't want to sound sick with coughing, I'll go when I no longer cough or sound funny.

Posted at 8:57pm May 22, 2012 EDT

Please keep us posted Janet.

Googling for dentist gifts, there are lots of venues out there that would be a good way to sell multiple quantities of items like ours. Has anybody had luck with this?

PS, a good idea is to set up a blog / online shop that is like a dental gift boutique. Please feature us all! If you know of such a blog, let us know too!

Posted at 12:29pm May 24, 2012 EDT

I hope you all see an increase in views and sales. I searched out etsy dentists and made some invites to view our team and see our items. Maybe that's something you can do as well.

If you know a dentist, point her or him to our team! If you see dentists on facebook or online or elsewhere, especailly dentists who would like etsy goods, send them the team link:

Maybe mention that they might find something special for their patients or staff!

Posted at 3:19pm May 25, 2012 EDT

I have dropped off my card and goodies to over 300 dentist offices in the Phoenix, AZ area and have had a big response!

Posted at 8:44pm May 25, 2012 EDT

Janet from JanetR says

Well I went to the pediatric dentist's office last week, I brought along some samples and left one for the manager to see. The hygienists/assistants and front desk receptionists were wonderful, very nice. I waited a week and then called. Although they were not interested in selling them, they are keeping one as a sample along with my business cards for anyone interested in contacting me. Thank you very much for inspiring me to increase my visibility and sales!

Posted at 9:21pm Jun 19, 2012 EDT

I had my first craft show yesterday. I sold all but 5 of my tooth fairy pillows... none to dentists.

Posted at 4:29pm Oct 21, 2012 EDT

Janet from JanetR says

That's great! Congratulations!

Posted at 12:08am Oct 25, 2012 EDT

I still haven't cracked into dentist supply, but these little pillows are still doing pretty well. I sold one today--I think the little girl, age 4, wanted to wear the pillow like a purse.

Posted at 11:39pm May 18, 2013 EDT

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