how to improve my etsy shop How do I get noticed?

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Those who haven't had a single sale, or less than 10 sales. Those who want some feedback.
New shops.
Those who have a successful shop and want to help us, with some advice. And those who LOVE ETSY and believe that is a great place to sell are the right ingredients!!!

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Original Post

I opened my Etsy shop a few weeks ago and have done a lot of research on marketing and how to get noticed. After reading and watching a lot of videos, I found that the best tips were taking good photos, filling everything out on your page, using tags wisely, updating with new products often and having lots to sell, and networking with other pages.

WELL, i've done all of that, and I'm still not getting noticed! I have very little page views, even after reaching out to other pages and facebook.

I know it's hard to get seen as a card site since there are so many paper product pages out there, but I still would LOVE to get my page up and running. I'm going to keep adding more to sell, but it's very frustrating when no one is looking!

Any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks!!

- Heather

Posted at 1:58 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT


Hi Heather,
Your designs are awesome!

One suggestion I have is to maybe print some samples and post pics of them so shoppers can see how nice they look on a card.

Be creative.The one about just meeting the person and providing the number, I see that on a business card, in a drinking glass (just a crazy suggestion).

Hope that helps a little. I am struggling with the same issue as well and working on getting some exposure.


Posted at 2:56 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Jen from LPCrochet says

Hi! I am new to Etsy myself, so I don't have any secret tips or anything. Some advice that I was given was to fill out everything.

Your policies page is blank, so definitely fill that out. Your cards are super cute with great photos!

I added you to my favorite shops and my circles. I'm not totally sure what that does lol, but hopefully it will gain you some exposure!

Posted at 2:58 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Jen from LPCrochet says

Oh, also utilize the tagging -- "Name" your items with all of the things you tag it as. I did the same thing you did and just named my items what I wanted to name them lol. Apparently, you have way better chances of popping up in a search if you name your items with all of the tags. Look around at some of the shops that pop up in a search and see what they do differently than you?

I hope this helps!

Posted at 3:01 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Those suggestions definitely help!

Have to get on the naming's so specific...and must get on the policy page.

I've been meaning to print them out...will do that asap as well.

Thanks Jen and Sherry!

Posted at 3:14 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Robin says

Hello Heather....I'm reasonably new to Etsy also. What I have found is that the more you give the more you receive.
Being active in Etsy groups, sharing your latest listings in appropriate discussion threads, meeting and connecting with others in Etsy groups. Encouraging new members.
Create treasuries of your favourite items from other sellers...that's creative, fun and will connect you with others. Create a Facebook like page for your shop, invite your friends to join it, set up links to your Etsy page through Facebook....

Posted at 7:45 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Hi Heather - You sure got to that policy page fast. You are a worker. I think Sherry, Jen, Robin and Nadine about covered it all. I couldn't think of anything else you could do. Just keep networking. You will soon be a familiar shop site.

I also wanted to welcome you to our team!!!!!!!!!! We are all here to encourage and support one another. Be sure to keep us posted on how your views are doing. Have a beautiful day. Blessings - Sandy

Posted at 8:34 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

HI everyone!! I've been gone...but I'm back!!

Hope you missed me...LOL!

I have started a new group to help us get noticed. It is a BNS and it's going great. If you want to be showcased, come on by!
This is the board I have up. I would love it if you came by for support. :0)
If you happen to purchase anything...your shop goes on the board for the next round! And you can always join my new team for chit chatting and for chances to be featured on the board.


Posted at 10:11 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Thanks everyone for the advice, I appreciate it!

Posted at 10:26 pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT

I am geting so discouraged!! It's not good for a leader to be discouraged...but...I'm having a pity party. Lift me up girlfriends!

Posted at 12:18 am Jun 22, 2012 EDT

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