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how to improve my etsy shop is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Those who haven't had a single sale, or less than 10 sales. Those who want some feedback.
New shops.
Those who have a successful shop and want to help us, with some advice. And those who LOVE ETSY and believe that is a great place to sell are the right ingredients!!!

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Original Post

Hi everyone!

I joined this lovely team just about a week ago and I want to first start by saying that your support and feedback has helped me tremendously. I have improved so much about my shop and had my first sale! So, thank you again for being there.

I want to help others the way you have helped me. I created this discussion thread because I want people to be able to share their online networking and promotion sources so that others can benefit as well. My personal favorite is -- it lets you connect directly to the etsy store they promote for, it's free, and seems to get a lot of traffic. The others I have used include, of course, facebook and pinterest.

SO, with all of that in mind -- leave feedback here on the places you go online to promote your shop! Anything is appreciated :)


Posted at 1:03 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT


Thank you for your advice. I just went to and posted one of our items. What happens there if you sell your item?

Posted at 10:36 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Posting to wanelo essentially allows people to view your product through that website, but in order to purchase they are sent back to your etsy store. It's kind of like pinterest in that way, though I have found it to be much easier and more accessible. What else do you use to promote?

Posted at 3:45 pm Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Thanks for this info - I just listed 2 items on Wanelo. I'll be watching to see how many views I get from there. Seems like a great way to get things noticed - I'm hoping it will increase activity in my shop! :)

Posted at 7:16 pm Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Tumblr is great, it brought me a lot of views as well as stumbleupon then you have google +, kaboodle, digg, reddit, loveit, handmadespark, flickr, indiepublic.

Posted at 7:29 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

Kinjal from KYSAA says

Hey Guys,

This a great thread. Thanks everyone for sharing. I have joined wanelo too.. Hope it will work for me.. :)

Posted at 12:00 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

Cool! I can't believe I'd never heard of this before. Just signed up, I'm

Posted at 2:05 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the info, everyone! I'm definitely going to try some of these sites!

Posted at 4:31 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I have recently start using
and www.squidoo.comthey are both really good websites and there both free.

Posted at 3:02 am Aug 9, 2012 EDT

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