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Original Post

I know we have a lot of different artists among us - share the rest of the work, not just beads. Journals, jackets, kimonos, murrini, frit, shards, seeds, other beads, bead caps - We can all show it some love!

Make sure it's marked leteam to be included in treasuries! I search by leteam and just randomly favorite, too, and if I need supplies, I'd prefer to support someone from our team. :)

I have a lampwork tool that I looooove - use it every time I torch, my Sheep Shaper.


Posted at 7:44pm May 30, 2012 EDT


This is a listing in the jewelry shop, not the bead shop lol.

Posted at 10:08pm May 30, 2012 EDT

Yay! More! :)

Posted at 11:16pm May 30, 2012 EDT

I'd buy the tool if it guaranteed I could make sheep like yours. ;-)

Gorgeous ring Sonja!

I've got vinyl tubing for lining lampwork beads. Have it in 3 & 5' lengths, but can cut to any size really.

Posted at 12:05am May 31, 2012 EDT

Only about half of the listings in my shop are lampwork. I have lots of seed bead work, bead embroidery, and random other creations.


Posted at 9:23am May 31, 2012 EDT

I can't guarantee that, but it's a great tool, I use mine all the time. (Need to replace the heat shrink, finally, 3-4? years later.)

Awesome items, keep them coming!

Posted at 10:58pm May 31, 2012 EDT

I make jewelry as well as lampwork beads. My favorite are my gypsy bell anklets :)

Posted at 10:56pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

I have a whole second shop, which has drawings, paintings and photographs in it. It's not getting much care these days though :(


Posted at 5:22am Jun 14, 2012 EDT