Goals, Accountability & Accomplishments Friday, June 1, 2012, Goals and Accomplishments

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Original Post

Happy June! I love June, it's my birthday month, my hubby's birthday month, the weather is usually wonderful, the flowers are out, the fireflies fly..

My goals for today are to design my woodblock print, do and list an aceo, list 3 in each vintage shop, and go to the auction. I also want to finish planting and do some weeding. I'm almost there in the garden.

Posted at 7:36 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT


Hi everyone!

Robin, I saw Tophatter is featuring your auction piece on their auction listing page! It's beautiful! I hope the extra exposure will bring you a great sale!

I don't expect to get much business work done today. I volunteer with our local guide dog organization and am helping them out this weekend by puppy sitting an 8 week old golden retriever. She would have been alone at the facility with minimal staffing this weekend, so she's coming here. I will try to sneak in some sewing if she's a good napper. Otherwise, my day will be spent keeping her out of trouble. I'm picking her up in a couple hours, so I'm going to get in a run now. Good luck to everyone today!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

Posted at 7:54 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Sounds like June is a fun month around your house, Robin... and Lea Ann, have fun dog-sitting.

For today:

1. Print out colophon and put in each print exchange package.
2. Print out USPS postage for packages (27 packages in all).
3. List two items on Etsy
4. List one of those items on Daily Painters.

That's enough...

Posted at 8:03 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Good Morning, All! There are dogs in my day too. I have an appt this morning for my grandson's friend to surrender his pitbull pup at the humane society. *fingers crossed that he doesn't back out of it* and my daughter will be by to pick up her great dane today. Mix in picking up grandkids after school and this day is going to be one of great interruptions. I don't work well that way, so I am just going to go with the flow and make today a weekend non-work day and make Saturday or Sunday a work day instead. Works for me!

I'll still work in a bit of "work" but nothing that requires sustained attention.
1. Take Tyson the Pit Bull to the Humane Society
2. Clean up my kitchen
3. Clear table in my office, move to garage to prepare for garage sale
4. Price some items and put in garage sale
5. Water plants I put in the ground yesterday (if it does not rain)
6. Hit a couple of thrift stores (maybe)
7. Bonus points if I manage to list two things.... will play this by ear
8. Take Buffy for a walk

Posted at 8:28 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Oops! Forgot to mention I signed up for my first search ad campaign last night. So I will be watching my stats today, trying to figure out how that all works. (or if it does)

Posted at 9:06 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

good morning :)

lea ann, how wonderful you volunteer for the guide dogs! aw, having a golden retriever pup for the weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

diane, wow 27 sales, good for you!

vicky, i'm so glad you convinced that guy his dog is better off with someone else. fingers crossed he goes through with it. very smart of you to plan ahead to go with the flow and play things by ear, since you've got non-work things happening that you know about instead of trying to squish it all in.

today it's going to be more of a mix of non-work and work stuff, probably heavier on non-work. going to separate the two on my list.

- go to trader joe's
- pick up sandy
- take out recycling

- edit the rest of the photos of red dress
- go over dress again and note/photo any flaws, fix what i can
- describe dress
- see if i can steam rather than iron mugler dress
- finish ironing yellow 50s dress
- get dress from inventory to take to consignment shop
- put the two consignment items in car trunk
- go to consignment shop, drop off, get check
- check on checking accounts balances
- go to bank, deposit or cash check, ask about new payment pollicy and pay if needed
- figure out how to tweet a listing that's already listed, tweet - done
- continue email conversation with friend re: seo - done

er, now that i type it out, i guess not on the heavier on non-work stuff.

Posted at 11:04 am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

My day is shaping up kinda strangely as hubs is working from home for the first time in his newish job and we have been getting his dedicated space ready.

This will be a huge time savings for him if he can do this 2x a week.

Still doing auction, did the gardening, but everything else? We'll see!!

Posted at 12:01 pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

1: go for a 30 min bike ride
2: take orders to PO
3: pay etsy bills
4: complete monthly accounting
5: list 3 to 5 items in destash supply shop
6: finish working on covers that are cut out and waiting
7: pull fabrics for making items for website (next weeks sewing)
8: go through old ready to ship items and figure out which things just need to go in a sale section.

Posted at 12:28 pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

A weekend away from home, school ending for my girls, and dog training this morning. I think I am finally going to see more then a few moments of desk time.

I am working today on strawberries and Halloween ornaments. The plan is to have several prototypes(3 different styles minimum) ready to be painted by tomorrow. Bonus points if I can get primer coats on all of them.

Posted at 2:15 pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Arghh!!! The kid backed out on giving Tyson up, but his Dad is willing to take the dog for awhile. I talked to the Dad, so I know this is true. I am going to pay for the kid to get the dog his shots and probably to be neutered too. Just in case if/when the dog does something bad and Dad is done with it. At least Tyson will be more adoptable if he's been to the vet and had the all the necessary things tended to.

I ran out to some thrift stores and picked up some small things and then on the way home, my truck died. I had to wait for the tow truck and then go talk to the repair shop. Finally.... I am home. I need to debrief here for a few minutes and see if I can pull things together. Probably, in all honesty, I will not get a lot done today... we shall see.

I am going to get up and away from the computer and clean the kitchen though. I'll be back to check in later.

Posted at 3:23 pm Jun 1, 2012 EDT

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