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Any Seller wishing to get more done in a day, find balance, work smarter and willing to publicly declare both their daily goal and how they did at accomplishing them.

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Original Post

We're glad you stopped by our team! We are working hard to set specific task goals and to achieve them. And it's working! Less than 2 weeks old as of this writing, and we are all reporting an increase in productivity, and (more importantly) a decrease in stress!

Anyone who is serious about jumping up their game is welcome to join us. Whether a newbie, veteran, fulltimer, part timer, crafter, vintie, artist, all are welcome.

We each just name the tasks we want to accompllish each day, then report back at the end of the day how we did. We also try and identify the roadblocks and cheer each other on. No treasuries, no circles, not promoting tasks, this is just a motivational team, not a promotion team.

You may wonder why all of our threads are private if we intend to also be inclusive?

We find that by making our threads private to team members only, we are more honest about the self-made obstacles we put in our paths that prevent us from bringing the success we want.

WAnt to give it a try? I think you'll be happily surprised how fast you can get more done in a day! If you have any questions, just convo me! Robin

Posted at 7:49 am Jun 5, 2012 EDT


Teamies, feel free to invite anyone you think can benefit from our team!

Posted at 9:08 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Hi! I joined recently and think this is the kick in the butt that I need - thanks! I just posted some of my weekly and monthly goals in those hreads so I won't repeat them again.

Hopefully, this gets me going!

Posted at 10:49 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Welcome, welcome!! I encourage you to join us in the daily ones, too!

Posted at 7:40 am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

All are welcome who want to achieve balance and progresss!

Posted at 9:52 am Jul 3, 2012 EDT

New members always welcome!

Posted at 1:46 pm Jul 28, 2012 EDT

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