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Original Post

Hi everyone.
I just join this interesting team. My name is Paola and I am from Italy but live in sunny San Diego. I am a certified reflexologist and yoga teacher but I am addicted to knitting and I always underestimate the time it takes to make things by hand, promote them and sell them. I am not very good at marketing myself so I am hoping to learn through the connection with this group. I am in the middle of building up my inventory right now but I appreciate suggestions anyway.
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Thanks for having me in this team.

Posted at 7:18 pm Jul 12, 2012 EDT


Welcome Paola!

You have a great start to your shop, I love the Lilac scarf! The one hint I can give you is to write some shop policies. They may give your shop some credibility and make a customer feel more comfortable purchasing from you!
There are some great policy-writing tips here:

I think you'll find this team very helpful, I know I do!

- Stephanie

Posted at 7:49 pm Jul 12, 2012 EDT

hi Paola, I lived in San Diego for 14 years but now I am living in the southern mountains of Colorado.

In addition to Stephanie's suggestions, try running this etsy optimizer which will rate your shop and give you suggestions.

The key to generating sales is to have a sufficient inventory, good descriptors and tags and quality pictures. Good luck.

Posted at 8:11 pm Jul 12, 2012 EDT

Hi Paola! I've absolutely love everything any Italian has ever made on Etsy, and your items are definitely no exception!

Marketing is difficult for any shop, but when it comes down to it it's all about connections and I'm sure you'll make some great ones here. The Etsy community is a beautiful give and take process: the more you get involved the more exposure you'll get, so simply chatting it up with other dedicated artisans is one of the best ways to market yourself.

Glad to see you here and hope to see more of you around! =)

Posted at 12:56 pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

Thanks Stefanie. I appreciate your comments a lot and I will look at the link you sent me for sure.

Posted at 4:48 pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

Hi Loye, I lived in Colorado also when we first moved from England! That is too funny! I loved it out there! still miss the mountains.
Thanks for your suggestion. I will look at the Optimizer link you sent me. I am curious to see what it does.

Posted at 4:49 pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

HI Leah, I have been trying to post a reply to you but with no success.
I wanted to thanks you for your encouragement. I will definitely get more involved in the community and give advice if I can.
C u soon.

Posted at 12:30 am Jul 15, 2012 EDT

Lianne from BerthasBizarreBazaar says
Edited on Aug 20, 2012

Hey! How did I miss this thread?!!!

Hi Paola-I am a Qualified Reflexologist too :D
I trained in Australia and my heart remains there but My body is currently in my native country, England!
What area of England did you live in? It sounds like perhaps we are all following each other around the globe hahaha.

I learned to crochet about ten years ago because I wanted a poncho to go with my turquoise suede boots and couldn't find one anywhere.
Sadly I couldn't find any yarn the right colour either (I have since learned that turquoise is a pig of a colour to match lol).
So my first ever piece was a furry purple number (my other favourite colour). My crochet obsession was born and has developed apace in some interesting directions since. Which led to my Dad's biker mates ordering a variety of silly hats from me, then one of them told me about Etsy!

I have only been here since february this year and I know I have a way to go yet until my shop is really how I want it but thanks to lots of great tips and advice I am a lot more confident with my pricing now, and much more relaxed about everything.
My first couple of months I was constantly checking my stats and worrying about why nobody was buying anything but boy am I glad they didn't now-my prices were ridiculously low because i didn't want to 'rip anyone off'! What a joke-I was robbing myself blind!
Now when I see people pricing their beautiful hard work so low that they can't possibly be making a fair wage I just want to help them to see and believe in their true worth.

Which is EXACTLY what this team has done for me! Huge thanks everyone!
I hope all who join us feel inspired and encouraged :D

Posted at 10:29 pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

Oh yes, and I can recommend the app office time lite if you have a smartphone-you just pop in your hourly rate, press start and get your hook/kneedles going! If you need to stop for a few seconds, hours, days or whatever you just stop it like a stopwatch. GREAT tool for making me keep track properly-I too was underestimating the time it took me to make things

Posted at 10:36 pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

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