YARN - Yarn Art with Respected Notoriety Team Treasury Challenge

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YARN - Yarn Art with Respected Notoriety has the following requirements:

Anyone who sells crochet, knit, or any goods that originate as string that want to learn how to finally be appreciated for their time!

No spam or promos! This is strictly an improvement oriented team. Of course you can list items when asking for critiques, but any "new item" announcements will be deleted. There will be ONE THREAD ONLY dedicated to treasuries that feature front-page worthy items that display and encourage respectfully priced items in order to promote our message and spirit.

Please tag your items with "teamyarn" so we can find your awesome stuff!

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Original Post

Lianne from BerthasBizarreBazaar says
Edited on Aug 16, 2012

To celebrate the changing of our name and ensuing creation of our team tag I think it's time for a treasury thread, but not just any old treasury thread.
One to help us all get to know each other a little, find the value in our own work and give each other a helping hand all at the same time.

So here are the rules:

1) The biggest point of this excercise is to make a full treasury of Yarn Art listings you feel are fairly priced for both artist and customer, so when a listing catches your eye really look at it and consider-
Is the artist making a fair wage for the item?
Does the picture/description make you feel that the item is fairly priced?
If the answers are yes then it gets a ticket into your treasury.

2) Your treasury MUST be made up with half team members and half non-team members.
Yes, team members may be easier to find (when we all get the new tag into our listings) and we want to help our friends, but adding 50% non members gives you a bit more freedom to fill whatever theme you choose for your treasury, and gives your treasury wider exposure. Not to mention giving you the opportunity to pay it forward and maybe make some new friends :)

3) Try and make it front-page-worthy. I personally don't know what they look for so I have done my example treasury as I would fill the front page if Etsy were just for us YARN addicts!
Again, it's about exposure and raising the perceived value for all of us. On this note I would also suggest joining a treasury-oriented team or two and posting in the 'new treasury' threads there so that non-yarn-addicts can see how proud we are of our craft too.

Plus the normal treasury rules; none of your own listings and no more than one from each shop.

I have learned a fair bit by participating in some treasury team games, It can be really fun to make a treasury, and even more fun when you have a bit of a challenge to meet.
Hopefully you will find this rewarding and eye-opening, and most of all enjoyable!

here is my treasury to start us off:


don't forget the team tag is TEAMYARN
(or teamyarn-doesn't matter about capitals but just don't put a space in it or you'll lose a few hours drooling over a bazillion yarn listings!)

Put the tag into your listings if you want to be more easily found for inclusion in these treasuries and, of course, tag the treasury with it too.

for twitter add #TeamYarn

and then post them here so we can all see them!

Happy Treasuring x

Posted at 1:32am Aug 16, 2012 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

Lianne from BerthasBizarreBazaar says
Highlighted Post Edited on Sep 27, 2012

We have quite a few new members, so I just thought I'd collect all the treasuries we have so far into one place to make them easier to find.
Hopefully they will help if you're looking for some inspiration on this challenge :)


I see a few items have disappeared, which I think means they expired as sold items still show up. I sometimes replace them, but it can be a bit time-consuming. Does anybody else go back and find new things to fill the slots or once it's done do you just let it do it's own thing?

Posted at 11:28am Sep 27, 2012 EDT


Lianne from BerthasBizarreBazaar says
Edited on Aug 16, 2012

HA! And as I went to sign out I found a front page FULL of Yarn Arts!
Serendipitous indeed :D

(although I'd have thought about 6 of those items must surely be underpriced...anyone else agree?)

Posted at 2:14am Aug 16, 2012 EDT

Here is mine! This is my 1st treasury challenge...and only my 3rd or 4th treasury. I did include 50 team/50 non team items (percent that is!), and tried to do a theme. I sort of copied some of your tags, Lianne, hope that's ok...I have a hard time coming up with tags. I hope I did it somewhat ok!


Posted at 3:04am Aug 16, 2012 EDT


Let me tell you though, it's tricky finding non-members who are pricing themselves fairly! I swear, I blushed at some of the prices. All the more reason to spread the fair-price philosophy!


Posted at 1:11pm Aug 16, 2012 EDT

I had a hard time finding fair priced work as well...then trying to find ones to fit my theme AND being fair priced was tricky!

Posted at 2:02pm Aug 16, 2012 EDT

Great treasuries. Thank you Genvieve for including me.Great idea to include non-traditional string craft items (or at least things others might not have thought of) like a beach bag, necklaces, and barefoot sandals. I think I will create a treasury if I can come up with a theme.

Posted at 5:09pm Aug 16, 2012 EDT

Great Work Girls,

Genevieve of course, I'll take it as a compliment,thanks :)

It is tricky finding things to fit a theme-I filtered my searches by highest price first which helped, favourited heaps of things I liked, only if they fit the criteria, then assembled my treasury by blending colours I thought went nicely together. I won't pretend this was a quick process but it made sense to me. I am not a treasury expert, I just enjoy making them. Might look into schmetsy which I've heard makes it quicker/easier.
I think this challenge will get easier as more people in the team start using the tag.

Of course, you don't necessarily have to have a theme. Lord only knows what the people who choose the front page want to see!

I want us all to enjoy this, and hope it illustrates/spreads the word that our work deserves a fair wage as much as anyone else's.

Posted at 9:40pm Aug 16, 2012 EDT

Also Amanda Jo-absolutely! The word-spreading is one of my biggest hopes for this endeavour.

And Bridgett-I agree, there are so many fabulous yarny treats out there, I have seen some amazing felted bonsais, knitted lab rat dissections, nuno felting, needle felting, wire crochet, tatting, macrame, nalbinding (which I promptly taught myself) and many many more beautiful things here that I'd never seen before. I love Etsy!

I'm so excited, I can't wait to see the myriad of delightful treasuries spring forth from all our different points of view!

Posted at 10:13pm Aug 16, 2012 EDT

I was thinking of doing a treasury of items that come from a pet-free and smoke-free homes. Does anyone in the team meet those requirements? Seems like it would be a nice one for people with asthma.

Posted at 11:40am Aug 17, 2012 EDT

Stephanie says

Here's my little TEAMYARN celebratory collection!


Posted at 11:55am Aug 17, 2012 EDT

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