Team Elite Promoter's Treasury Thread

Who can join?

Team Elite is a moderated team with the following requirements:

PLEASE TAG TREASURIES WITH "teteam" So we can promote you!

The Elite Team is a moderated team.
Team Requirements:

Membership is open to anyone who agrees to abide by team rules.

Team Charter:

This team has three Treasury Threads, you may post on one or all three threads.

(1) Curator's Treasury Thread - This thread is to post treasuries that you curated. Tag your treasury with teteam. Upon posting you agree to View, Click, COMMENT , and support the 10 treasury posts above yours.

(2) TEAM curator's thread - Only post treasury that you
curated that include shop items from at least 8 team members shops. Treasuries must be tagged teteam. Click/Comment/and Favorite the 10 Treasuries posted above yours.

(3) Promoter's Treasury Thread - You can post ANY treasury here. Click/Comment/OR Heart the 5 Treasuries posted above yours.

(4) The ULTIMATE Treasury Thread:
This thread is to post your team treasuries that you want promoted exclusively to land your curation on the hot list or the Front Page.

You must agree to follow each step for the SIX treasuries posted before yours:

*COMMENT ( Please leave a unique and sincere comment, I have noticed that all the FP treasuries have unique comments pertaining to the treasury itself within the first 10 comments. I believe that is a key detail for the choosing of a FP treasury)
*Click on two items.

Treasury Posting Rules:
1. You may only post one treasury at at time
2. You must wait the threads required number of posts before you can post again
3. Treasury must be tagged "teteam"
4. You must complete your required heart/click or comments within one hour after posting your treasury.

Additional Rules:

* Each member MUST make 2 treasuries per month featuring 8 or more of your team members. Please be sure that you don't include multiple items from the same team member in a single treasury, and never include your own shop listings.

* The required post rule is per person, not per shop account name. Please, do not post again using a different account name if you are the same person. If you do your post will be removed!

*Leave a comment, even if you have previously commented on the treasury before. Please be sure to click on two items.

* BNR's and BNS's have a separate thread to promote. Do not use the main promotion threads for these types of treasuries.

* This team is a FRIENDLY and SUPPORTIVE team, please treat others with respect and remember to pay it forward whenever possible.

* Do not start any new promotion threads. If you would like to see a new thread started, please convo the team Captain. The team Captain and leaders create all threads, this keeps the discussion board neat and easy to navigate for our members.

If you see your post has been removed, it is due to the following reasons:

* posting more than one treasury at a time
* posting again before 15 treasuries have been posted
* not using the "teteam" tag
* calling out any member
* profane language or rudeness
(You will not receive notice if your post is removed.)

Things that will result in you being removed from the team:

*Spamming. This includes using treasury comments to promote your own shop and contacting shops asking for support of your shop.

*Negative or profane comments in treasuries or in our team discussion forums.

Please take note that this team is run by Volunteer team leaders and our members. Many thanks to everyone who gives their time and love to this team!

Always remember to be kind to everyone and support each other.

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