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Original Post

I will start...

My goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week (hopefully more).

Posted at 5:56 pm Jun 2, 2012 EDT


Sunny says

my goals for my shop are to get up to 75 listings and to have an open house at my apartment for my friends and family to come over.

my personal goals are to have dinner with my parents once a week :) i haven't seen them lately due to a job, but i just quit and i am starting a new one tomorrow that will be much less as far as hours go. yay! :)

Posted at 8:54 am Jun 3, 2012 EDT

The open house idea is great! I may have to plan one here soon!

Goals for my store included:
-Reaching 50 sales (only 1 more!) by the end of this week
-Having 10 sales this Month
-Listing at least 10 more items
-Keep up with my blog and grow its' followers

And some personal goals include:
-Drinking a lot more water!
-Walk every day:)

Posted at 7:06 am Jun 4, 2012 EDT

These sound great. I will add my shop goals here:
get my christmas section started
get more pillows in
frame some of the art
finish an art collage I'm working on and get prints made of it..
keep up my goal of blogging once a week and remember my social networks..

Alot to do!

Posted at 11:51 am Jun 4, 2012 EDT

It sounds like several of us have blogs to keep up! Maybe we should start a list of team members blogs so we can all follow each other:)

Posted at 3:24 pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Hi:) My goals for June is to get my first sale and more shop hearts. My personal goal is to excersise more. Good luck everyone:)

Posted at 12:04 pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

my shop goal is to get up to 100 items!

my personal is to get out and explore the world... maybe be a movie extra..I feel like i'm kinda boring. :(

Posted at 5:43 pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT

I am enjoying reading everyone's goals. It seems like we have a lot going on!

Posted at 6:18 pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT

Just finished up one of my goals for June--reworking my shop images! And it only took 7 hours straight of trying to get good lighting!

Posted at 3:37 pm Jun 7, 2012 EDT

Each day I check into Etsy, admiring the lovely things that all of you create!
Have not made a sale as of yet, but the goal it to dig in and get involved.
I plan to purchase a new camera, retake pictures of my lovely items. Redo my profile, and attach my banner!!
I would rather be creating and sewing than on the computer, but it seems to be the necessar evil.
I could use help if anyone out there can assist me in getting this banner attatched. Computers are not my forte!
I would be most happy to assist anyone in need of coaching with nutrition/health etc. Better at that than figuring out computers and selling on Etsy.
Love you Etsy
Best to all and lots of luck in sales!

Posted at 7:25 pm Jun 7, 2012 EDT

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