Photo + Prop swap with Anya Albonetti Welcome

Who can join?

Photo + Prop swap with Anya Albonetti has the following requirements:

This is what I'm currently looking for: high-fashion and/or vintage, unique jewelry/headpieces/props/dresses.

This is my proposal: If there is a specific item on your page that I could see the potential to photograph in one of my upcoming shoots, I will contact you via etsy and see if that item is available to be borrowed. If it is, we can talk specifics. But, generally, I was thinking that if you are okay with paying for shipping the item to me, I'll photograph it, send you an image for you to use, and pay for shipping the item back.

If you want to donate the item/prop to my collection of props, we can discuss further compensation depending on cost of item (i.e. more images to use, link on my blog, etc...)

How does that sound?

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Posted at 5:09pm Jun 3, 2012 EDT