Recycle Party Brainstorming... How to unite people here?

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Recycle Party is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Etsy members who have eco-friendly (recycled, upcycled, repurposed, sustainable) and vintage merchandise to sell, and to those members who want to buy earth-friendly products. ••• PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. •••


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Original Post

Kristy says

I was thinking maybe we could use the team discussion board like a freecycle list...

We could devise a standard post Title to communicate the 3 things needed to unite two artisans for material swap: Location / HAVE / NEED

For example, I have an over abundance of plastic peanut butter jars and I need cereal boxes.

My post title would be: Durham NC / clear plastic jars / cereal boxes

Then in my post body I would go into more detail... maybe state how may jars I have and state their sizes.

What do you think?

Posted at 10:22pm Jun 16, 2012 EDT


Angie from hopemore says

I really like the HAVE/NEED way of listing but it looks like you want to swap plastic jars for cereal boxes. What if I have cereal boxes but don't need the jars. Would it be better to make separate posts?

start with:
HAVE/ clear plastic jars / Durham NC

then follow with a second post:
NEED/ cereal boxes/Durham NC

This will be the first team I've joined so I will be learning the ropes on how to promote the idea. I'll start by popping back into the forums to give your post a bump up.

Posted at 9:18am Jun 17, 2012 EDT

I'm on plenty of teams, I think it's easier to not have a specific "template" but to allow a more free exchange. Have a want/need thread but have other discussions too. Like what did you list today? and What can I do with _____? (name of item I would want to recycle)

Posted at 9:48am Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Rocky from PinkDragonflyCrafts says
Edited on Jun 17, 2012

Hello everyone. I just joined the team today and am looking forward to participating here.

I believe that there should be separate threads for Want and Need. Every person should post a detailed description of what they have and what they need, including condition and delivery system. Example of "Have" post:

Item: 43 beer bottle caps (23 Heineken, 20 Giuness)
Condition: cleaned, un-dented
Gifter's Country: USA
Shipping Cost LOCAL: None, free gift to fellow US Etsians.
Shipping Cost INTERNATIONAL: Not Available. Sorry, cant send internationally at the time.
Shipping Method: USPS First Class, with tracking #
Contact Method: Post in the forum. The first person to post will recieve the bottle caps. I have only one set available.
Additional notes: Please wait for a response from me before giving your personal info (address and such). I will send you a convo if the bottle caps are still available.

Maybe have a "template" that participants can cut and paste to their posts. When the item in no longer available, the gifter should post it in the thread. Also, possible recipients should make it clear which items they would like in the thread. Example:

"Hey so-and-so. I would love the 43 bottle caps, they are just what I need. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks."

It would also be cool if there were an "Appreciation" thread. There, recipients could post thank you's and list the Etsy items they have made for their shops from items recieved from team members.

Just a few suggestions. I look forward to helping out, and sending my "junk" to Etsians in need! :)

Posted at 12:27pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Kristy says

Separating HAVES from NEEDS sounds much clearer. I've also discovered that there are quite a few people that are not crafters themselves, but want to see their recyclables go to better use - thus this group is open to anyone with an etsy account.

I never considered shipping recyclable to anyone though ... I was more hoping we could connect people in the same areas. But if people are willing to share that way, it's certainly an option - as long as we abide by etsy terms. Any transactions that occur for shipping costs might lead down the road of etsy fee avoidance, so I'd be weary of that.

Another exchange theme I've wanted to do is actually meetup at a designated place with a bunch of fellow etsians to share recyclables. In the orginal thread about starting this team ( this was actually mentioned and something successfully happening in California.

While I think etsy is already saturated with list-promotion teams, I like the idea of rewarding people that share materials with a plug!

Thank you for all the ideas so far.. keep them coming! Also, don't wait for this thread to iron out an official way to post Wants and Needs. Just start whatever threads you want (aside from obvious spam or self promotion) and we'll see what works!

Posted at 8:38pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

YAY! a group of people who think like I do!!!

I have a walk in closet filled with things just waiting for my daughter and I to remake them into something new and wonderful, but sometimes we have TOO MUCH stuff and there fore can't even think.
I would be willing to ship small stuff, but some things would have to be local.
Thanks for getting this going ~ new ideas and support from people who don't think it is crazy to try to make something out of "garbage".

Posted at 12:38am Sep 27, 2012 EDT

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