Rockhound Market welcoms everyone to the group its great to see its starting to grow

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Original Post

thank you soo much for all your participation

Posted at 10:29am Jun 17, 2012 EDT


Lets get this party rocking!!

Posted at 6:47pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

Kinda slooowwwww in here.............

Alright. How about a joke?

2 geologists meet one day for lunch. One of them rides up on a brand new mountain bike.

The first geologist says, "Wow, that's a really nice bike! Where'd you get it?"

The second replies, "You're never going to believe this! I was out collecting samples yesterday, and this beautiful woman rode up to me on this bike. She took off all of her clothes, and said I could have whatever I wanted."

The first geologist says, "Good choice. Her clothes probably wouldn't have fit you anyway"


Posted at 9:01pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT