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Anyone who is interested in learning more about runes, making items related to runes, or being either the seller of buyer of a rune reading.

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Original Post

Hello there,
I'm Chris, and i've been using the runes for about 16 years now total, mostly family or friends. I only started selling professional readings about 3 years ago online on ebay, and now have gotten tired of how commercial ebay has become and am enjoying Etsy.
I'm also a musician, I play 11 instruments all together so its reasonably safe to say music is a passion of mine.
Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you here in this thread. :)
Best Blessings...

Posted at 12:36am Jun 5, 2012 EDT


A special friend gave me a beautiful set of sea polished agate runes that he had made himself and the Ralph Blum book way over 20 years ago. That was the beginning of my relationship with runes, it lasted longer than the other one. One thing about runes, they've never let me down and always been 100% true. I've only read for friends and myself, be it runes or tarot. Once I got this laser business, people started asking me to make runes for them... and now it's become a real blast with every new request to make something special and unique.
Thanks for asking me... what a honor (and a trip) to be so new in a brand new team!

Posted at 3:05am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Your work is absolutely amazing too Deborah! I posted two of your sets to the promotions section so that others may see the wonderful and intricate work you do. :)

Posted at 3:21am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Hi. My journey into making rune sets began with a set that was gifted to my husband many years ago. They were tiny and made from some sort of plastic or resin and I remember when he got them he was so excited, before he opened them. After he opened the bag and had such a difficult time with them, due to their size, I decided to make him a set from some cedar that we salvaged from a large tree that got hit by lightning. They turned out wonderfully and i had several people ask for sets after seeing his.

Posted at 5:45am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Very cool Genna :) Welcome to the team.

Posted at 10:13am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

R M says

Merry Meet!

Most people know me as 'Zonipa'. I have been making my own supplies for 22 years now. I started off making my own tarot set & pendulum, and it things just progressed from there.
My favorite things to work with are Driftwood & Storm Wood.

Thanks so much for the invite! I look forward to getting to know all of you.
Many Blessings ~

Posted at 12:01pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

I go by either Nar or Zedral. I make runes and other things out of polymer clay. Thanks for the invitation! I look forward to getting to know everyone and exploring.


Posted at 12:50pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Greetings and Kudos to our new members! Thank you for being a part of this. :) Feel free to promote any of your rune related goodies in the Promotions section. Good products need good exposure for the people searching for them.

Posted at 12:53pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Merry meet!
Im Marc. Im a Rune caster and Make Runes and related Runic items for here on Etsy! Awesome group idea!

Posted at 11:11pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Merry meet! I am Melanie Grace.
I don't read runes myself. I scry. But I found that I enjoy making runes very much. I know how to read them and respect the practice very much! Scrying was just simply my gift. My current project is making bone runes. And my new online obsession are my blogs- one for my steampunk line and one for my fiance and my witchcraft lines.
I seek inspiring and caring community and was ecstatic to be invited to join this team!

Posted at 8:51pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT

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