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Who can join?

Promote Your Creativity has the following requirements:

Anyone can join!

These are not rules you must follow but guide lines that you may find helpful to make the most of being a part of a team!

- Make beautiful treasuries! The more the better. By makeing treasurys you are bringing people to your shop because they liked a collection you have spent time on to make eye catching.
-Try to include other team member in your treasuries, and maybe they will return the favor.
-Tag treasuries with "PROCREATIVITY" to make it easier for members to find
-Try to promote eachothers treasuries by hearting, favorite, clicking, make comments, social media, blogs or any other way you can think of.
-Do not add your own items to treasuries.
-remember you want your treasury or treasuries that include your item to be HOT enough to make it to the front page!

-Try to favorite other members items, shops, and treasuries. By doing so people in your circle will see those items on their activity feed, and hopefully those people will like what they see enough to make a purchase.

-Like, tweet, pin, blog, smoke signal, and more what you like about other shops. Spread the word! Scream it from the roof tops. The more people to notice our shops the better!

-Promote your sales here
-promote on sites like etsy saver and more
-everybody loves a sale

-Tag your listingswith the word "procreativity" to make it easier for members to find

-Participate in discussions! This it's the best way for members of this team to see your items, so they can help you spread the word.
-Remember to click on the discussions tab to see all threads that have been posted to the team.

-Add people to your circle. Many times when you add someone to your circle they will return by adding you to theirs. then the items, shops, treasuries you heart or list will show up on their activity feed. If your lucky they will heart and your item, it will then be passed to the people that have added them to their circle and so on and so on.
-this is a great way to help spread the word about your items! USE IT!

-Please play nice!
-no sassy words!
-no nudity unless marked mature!
-Pleasd don't make new threads without asking first.
-Have fun!

Please remamber to sotp by the welcome thread to say hello and introduce yourself

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