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Dark Beauty Collective is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Dark Beauty Collective is a moderated team with highly creative, motivated members. To apply, you must have a minimum of 2 pages of beautifully photographed items, have at least 500 followers and be driven to promote your own shop and those of your teammates.

Requirements for new members:
New members must participate in our hearting thread once a week. Treasuries and social media threads are optional.

The single tag for team treasuries is: dbc

We strive to function as a supportive, low stress, high creativity zone.

Rules for Current Members:
We require participation to stay on board so that we know you are alive and well and supporting your teammates!

If you have one shop on the team, we require you log 4 activities a month on our activity tracker. If you are creating a team treasury, you do not have to log it. Just make sure you use the tag DBC and please include at least 4 teammates, preferably in the first row. You may also participate in our weekly 24 hour threads, or do a combination of both treasuries and 24 hour threads.

If you have 2 shops on the team, please do 5 activities. If you have 3 member shops, please do 6, and so on. One additional activity per month for each additional shop.



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Original Post

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know about an amazing new app for Etsy called Enhantsy! If you're tired of making treasuries the old fashioned way and need a turbo boost, this is the tool for you. I use it every day and will never go back. Give it a try, and I know you'll feel the same way: www.enhantsy.com.

Enhantsy was created by Tom Anderson. He writes engineering applications in the day and Enhantsy is one of many side projects. He's a long-time Etsy member, is a leader on this team and is available by convo to help: www.etsy.com/shop/tomhanderson.

This application works directly inside Etsy, because really, what's the point of applications that are in third party websites? Enhantsy works by tightly integrating with etsy.com making enhancements and features requested by the Etsy community but not implemented by Etsy.

There are videos on the www.enhantsy.com website to walk you through the enabling process. The free trial process allows you to enable and use one enhancement at a time. When you subscribe to Enhantsy you may turn on any and all enhancements. For more info and a complete list of our enhancement features, read the front page of enhantsy.com. While Enhantsy is free to try, you will get the most out of it you when you sign up for a monthly subscription. You'll be given total access to all enhancements at the same time, which will provide you with the highest level of functionality and creative options.

Please post any questions you may have here in this thread and we'll answer them for you, and do our best to walk you through the easy steps to take you into a whole new world of curating treasuries.

Enjoy! xo, Crystal

Posted at 9:08pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT


I wanted to start a new thread for All Things Enhantsy. It's working smoothly and reliably after a big upgrade and much work. If you've tried it over the past few weeks and strayed for whatever reasons, this is a perfect time to try it again.

Since Enhantsy is brand new, there really is no other way around the evolution process, which sometimes finds a few bumps in the road. The program is awesome, and there's no way I could ever go back to the old way of making treasuries. I've been sticking with it every day and now I'm being rewarded with this amazing tool. It is much faster now, very easy to use, and has wonderful new enhancements like the "clone" feature. That alone, is like a blitz day dream come true for me. You can save up as many private treasuries as you want, and come blitz day you can go in and "clone" them. A new treasury is created with the same items which you the release as brand new and "fresh" for relevancy purposes.

This app rocks my world and I will be an E cheerleader from now on. Any of you guys here who know me know how picky and particular I am about the curating process. Give T-ease a try, you'll be glad you did... ;))

Posted at 9:23pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

Enhantsy did sound very excinting and I gave it a try :))) I hope all its featured worked for me as well as they do for you, Crystal! The clone feature does not appear for me at all, and the convo button is also not there after the treasury has been made. Sometimes it appears hours after the treasury has been created. I tried uninstalling and installing again, but without any changes to the app's performance. Will keep on trying and glad it is working for some of you!

Posted at 9:39pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

Stick with it Julia, it'll be worth it :) If you've subscribed, you should be able to look in your settings and turn on all of the features that you want to use. so they'll work automatically every time. Let us know if you need any help, or have any problems. There were some rough patches over the past week or two, but Tom has worked so hard on fixing the issues that were popping up.

Posted at 10:01pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

Yep, I'm with Crystal.....E is a dream......Tom is the BEST!

Posted at 11:25pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

I am able to use convo sender and clone, but I cannot add things to an empty treasury. At the top of my etsy page it says "Login to Enhantsy" when I do it gives me a code and nothing else ever happens. So I've been making treasuries the old fashioned way. Any suggestions?

Posted at 11:51pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

mari from frighten says

It worked well for me yesterday. One thing I was wondering is if you choose less than 16 listings and add to a treasury, if there is a way to add more via enhantsy. Or do you have to add them manually once you create a treasury? Do you know what I mean?

Posted at 11:54am Aug 22, 2013 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 2:09pm Aug 22, 2013 EDT

Ahhhh...that last paragraph helps me!!!!


Posted at 4:51pm Aug 22, 2013 EDT

mari from frighten says
Edited on Aug 22, 2013

wow, crystal. i don't know if i'll be able to do that. i think just cutting and pasting the few extra spots might work okay for now, but yes the ability to add more than 16 is great.

Posted at 11:01pm Aug 22, 2013 EDT