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Original Post

Anything you want to talk about in the zombie field and open forum if you will

Posted at 6:09 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT


I think its great that zombies are 'in' now. I've always liked the zombie/blood and guts stuff and now that its so accepted I can't wait to crank out some undead decor.

Posted at 6:24 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

woot I cant either lol I work for a haunted attraction so its my way of life

Posted at 12:20 am Jun 15, 2012 EDT

Kim says

looking forward to the walking dead coming back on...love that show

Posted at 2:55 pm Feb 6, 2013 EST

freya says

the only problem with being a zombie crafter is I have a lot more scary zombie dreams than I used to, I wish I had a dream recorder too

Posted at 4:33 pm Feb 14, 2013 EST

Alisha Pace from SoUglyitsCuteCrafts says
Edited on Feb 20, 2013

@kim.. yes! I'm a loyal shane fan, and now I'm a daryl fan. Weat do you think of the season so far? Have you ever read the comics?

@freya... I'm terrified of zombies and I love them. Usually dream about them most nights.. I should write a book.....

Posted at 8:26 pm Feb 20, 2013 EST

Zombie sale. use coupon code: sale2014

Posted at 2:28 pm Feb 6, 2014 EST

Jason Hricak, I love your dolls, the Zombie Dog is especially inspired and they seem crazy cheap for the amount of work that you must put in.

Posted at 1:54 pm Apr 23, 2014 EDT

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