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Add the team tag to your vintage dresses, skirts and jumpsuit. This is the only way to find your shops items easily for treasuries & shopping:

Vintagedressteam OR VDT

Vintagedressteam tag is only for dresses skirts and jumpsuits

VDT tag can be used on all other vintage or handmade items in your shop

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CREATE 2 TREASURY PER YEAR. The first within the the 1st month of membership.

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Original Post

Post your 50s 60s era dresses. Wiggle Dresses, Shirtwaist Dress, Mod, Secretary Suits etc

Anything that you may see Joan Holloway Harris, Better Draper Francis, Peggy Olsen, Megan Draper, Trudy Campbell, or Jane Sterling wearing.

You can identify which character/s may wear your outfit as well to complete the mental picture. =0)

Many Blessings! Have Fun With This!

Posted at 7:47pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT

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2sweet4words from 2sweet4wordsVintage says
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Posted at 10:31pm Mar 24, 2014 EDT


Britty Nowak from hiddenhollywood says
Edited on Jul 1, 2012

This post has been removed.

Posted at 4:23am Jul 1, 2012 EDT

Britty Nowak from hiddenhollywood says Edited on Jul 1, 2012
Please take a look at my new Treasury "What Would Joan Do?" including many amazing wiggle dresses! :]

Posted at 4:23 am Jul 1, 2012 EDT - Report this post
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Posted at 1:14pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

OOPS =0) also reposted your treasury in the new POST ANYTHING category

Posted at 1:15pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

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