Sewing Addicts Guide to Etsy Success Are you a Sewing Addict & Love to Create?

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Sewing Addicts Guide to Etsy Success has the following requirements:

Sewing Addicts Guide to Etsy Success has the following requirements:
> Be open minded
> Promote your Etsy talent!
> Questions, ask the team! Any question is a good question!
> Don't be shy, start a thread and let the fun begin!
> Check the threads to see if there is already one open related to your topic BEFORE starting a new thread.
> Be friendly and helpful with others

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Original Post

You've joined the right Team, as we are honored to have you! This team was just established to promote all the wonderful things you can make with sewing. Ideas, Inspirations, Questions, Instant Help, Support and making friends is what this Team will be promoting!

Posted at 2:27 am Aug 4, 2012 EDT


I love to sew and do so everyday even though I still have a full time job. I will be retiring the end of this month and will be able to do what I really love, sewing. I make aprons, blankets, and baby items. This team seems perfect for me.

Mary Lynn

Posted at 1:23 am Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Oh wonderful Mary congrats on your new retirement soon. Yes with sewing there are endless things that can be created, we hope to hear of some of your new creations this Fall.

Posted at 10:48 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

am happy to join this group. have been sewing for many years--started out making doll clothes. I'd rather be doing this than a real job. I really enjoy being in my sewing room with the laptop tuned to an oldies country music channel while I'm either sewing or picking out a mistake.

Posted at 6:04 pm Jul 9, 2013 EDT

I love this stuff. Am on the website more than I ever expected to be. Not too mention wanting to sew more than ever. I am thinking about new patterns and what fabrics I can use that might appeal to someone. Can't wait for my first sale. I work in a school and really don't want to go back, my mind won't be there, I'll be wondering what is going on etsy and my little shop. thanks or accepting me into this group

Posted at 7:58 pm Jul 11, 2013 EDT

Have any of your craft people seen the sock monkey fabric. Someone told me about it and I googled it to find out what it looked like. I think it was alright but just not for me right now. My passion Is Debbie Mumm fabric. If I had a whole room of it, that would be wonderful. There's a lot for sale on ebay, perhaps someday I will purchase some. thanks for reading this.

Posted at 8:05 pm Jul 11, 2013 EDT

Ruth M says

I love sewing. And Im always creating something new:)

Posted at 2:58 am Jul 17, 2013 EDT

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