TenX Show us your SOLD items!

Who can join?

TenX is a moderated team with the following requirements:

TenX Team is OPEN to all Etsy sellers with more than 300 Etsy followers.
If you want to participate in any of our SM (social media) threads, you have to have at least 200 followers in that SM (social media).

We encourage everyone to work on the followers in every SM (social media) site, and here on Etsy too.

With so many changes at Etsy, our team changes our focus too.
Trending or treasuries are not the focus anymore. Now, we help each other with SEO, titles, tags, and Etsy searches. There are plans for more experiments on how to get found by buyers (to be announced).

DO NOT open new discussion threads. Discussion threads are carefully selected by the Team Captain and Leaders. Please contact the leaders if you feel there is a need for another thread.

Please tag team treasuries TenX team. You can post them in our daily threads for extra promotion, just mark them clearly: TREASURY.

You can join with all of your shops.
In threads, please promote all items from the same account which you posted the items from.
DO NOT post from your buyer's account!

Join the tenx team facebook group

you will see '' join the group '' button on cover photo
and I will see your request .
Please note that business pages can not be added.
We encourage cooperation between teams. We often run multi team treasury games for example. What we do not encourage, is the plain copying of tenX team threads and ideas to other teams, without the explicit approval from the tenx team captain. This activity might unfortunately cause your team membership termination.

Please follow all Etsy DOs and DON'Ts:

Etsy is a friendly place. Be respectful and helpful to your fellow team members and all Etsy community.

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Original Post

tenxteam says


We will cheer for every SOLD item!

Please only post SOLD handmade, vintage or supply items!
NO resellers welcome here!

Posted at 12:19am Sep 7, 2012 EDT


VLT from ManorHouse5

Changed from DiscriminatingDames on Jan 13, 2017

Edited on Sep 9, 2012


Posted at 12:48pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT

Aaarrrggh - oh how I wish I had an item to post here. Just working on get 100 items in my shop. That seems to be the advise.

Posted at 9:14pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT