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Original Post

Sahiba says

Does your FB page have a long, unwieldy url full of numbers and characters that you don’t understand?

This is bad for:
- brand building
- sharing the link with others
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Plus, it looks ugly and non-professional.

Example of GOOD url:
Example of BAD url:!/pages/OrangeTwig/1234567890?ref=mf

Here’s how you can change your url:
1. Choose a simple username e.g.
2. Go to
3. You will dee a drop-down menu listing all the pages that you are an admin of. Choose the one you want to change.
4. You will see a box asking you to ‘Choose desired username’.
5. Enter your company name and click ‘Check availability’ button.
6. If the username you want is already taken, consider changing is slightly e.g. Add the word ‘onEtsy’ after your company name.
7. You will get a pop-up window asking you to confirm the name change. Click ‘Confirm’ button.

Congrats, you have a new url! :)


- You can only change your url ONCE so be make sure you choose wisely
- You can only change your Facebook page url if it has more than 25 ‘likes’
- You can only change the url for Facebook pages that you are the admin of


- If you want to shorten your url even further, you can use the urls ‘’ or ‘’ instead of
e.g. Once I have the url, I can use the url ‘’ or ‘’ for my page.
To make it more clear: = =

- Use capitalization in your company name to make it stand out. This will not affect how the url is typed, only how it is displayed. So, if I entered ‘OrangeTwig’ (with capitalization) as my username while editing my url, I can now type in (all small letters) - and this will automatically redirect me to (with capitalization).

Whew! That turned out to be a longer post than I thought! Hope it was helpful :)

Posted at 5:39 am Apr 17, 2013 EDT


thank you so much for this tip!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:21 am Apr 17, 2013 EDT

Excellent! I did it. My FB page for my shop is now Thank you for this information.

Posted at 3:03 pm Apr 17, 2013 EDT

Sahiba says

Looks great Betsy! :)

Posted at 1:43 am Apr 18, 2013 EDT

Sahiba says

UPDATE: FB's policies have changes. You no longer need to have 25 likes or more to change your URL.

Posted at 6:54 am Jun 4, 2013 EDT

Sahiba says

Updated post with pics on how to shorten your URL:

Posted at 6:49 am Jul 22, 2013 EDT

I must have done that when I first set up as mu URL is :)

Posted at 9:57 am Aug 8, 2013 EDT

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