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Original Post

Hi, I am VERY NEW to fact I just became a member today. A good friend of mine made the recommendation that I join because he knows that my team and I do awesome graphic design work! I haven't even opened my shop yet buy got an email from Mary Andrews and it talked about teams, so I decided to check them out.

As I saw what kinds of teams there are on Etsy I got excited! Why?

Well, I have been a full-time entrepreneur and business owner since 2006 and I have been the owner or part owner of several companies. All of these companies specialized in helping entrepreneurs and business owners get more customers. I have even been a part business owner in two Facebook Marketing companies.

If you want to know how to grow your business on Facebook I have a very valuable FREE gift for you!

Facebook is forcing everybody to change over to the Timeline format, for their Profile Page and their Facebook Business Pages ( aka – Fan Page ) whether they want to or not.

I have decided to create and give away Facebook Timeline Covers, designed to promote your Etsy Shops, too 1,000 Etsy Shop owners...for FREE!!! I just set this blog up a few minutes ago so you can get your FREE Facebook Timeline Covers to promote your Etsy business:

Hurry up and go to the blog ASAP! There are over 200,000 Etsy Shop owners and right now I am only giving away FREE Facebook Timeline Covers to 1,000 people right now.

Thank you for letting me share this gift with you!

Sincerely, Kevin

Posted at 2:01am Mar 28, 2012 EDT


I am glad to see that 17 people have already decided to get their FREE Facebook Timeline Covers to promote their Etsy Shop.

Posted at 10:51am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

I'm interested, what do I do?

Posted at 11:21am Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Man...I'm at work and corporate security policy blocks blogs! Foiled again!

Posted at 1:48pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

In this post I tell you how to get a FREE Custom Facebook Timeline Cover to help promote and grow your Etsy Shop

Posted at 3:20pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Repeatedly posting threads that have been closed in other teams and forums will get your shop shut down.

Posted at 3:22pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Annie from etsybtsy says

x2 Pattie

This is straight up SPAM.

Posted at 3:23pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

I tried to be nice in your prior post after everyone jumped on you - but now you know better and I will not do it again.

Kevin -
Welcome to Etsy. I am sure your intentions are well intended. There has been so much spam lately here on the forums, that unfortunately it has left a bad taste in our mouths, so it is not warmly received and some snarkiness and harsh criticism can run amok and unchecked.
Etsy is suppose to be a welcoming community of people supporting one another in their talents, artistic ability and our small business ventures and its also a learn as you go opportunity.
There are many things to read and know about Etsy and we would all strongly encourage you to read up a bit on them as it will help you much in the future.
The forums can be a very scary and ruthless place to venture out in, and you need to wade carefully in these waters sometimes.
Best of luck to you!
Posted at 8:28 am Mar 2

Posted at 3:28pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

Alex says

I think there is a new open source ( which means free!) for this sort of thing. I just read about it in Mashable- great site BTW.

Anyhoo, here is the story link:

Posted at 3:44pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

OKay - so spam?

Posted at 3:46pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT

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