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deanna from paintingthemoon says
Edited on Jun 17, 2012

i don't think you should report she probably came up with the idea herself not knowing that you too had that same pattern for sale etsy is for everyone to sell there handmade things

Posted at 11:39 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

It looks a little different to me but still I hope you can sort everything out and come up with a solution your happy with.

Posted at 11:55 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

I am having a similar problem with one seller. She even uses my same title.

Is that what we call the creative sharing process, hmmm?


Posted at 12:02 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Stacy says

you shouldn't even be worrying about it. Honestly it doesn't look like your work. you have a gorgeous design. Infact i'm going to favorite your store because i love hats like that and want to buy one but that lady's one is kinda hideous (just being brutally honest) to me and it's cheap 5 dollars!! ? I sure wouldn't buy it. HERS DOESN'T COMPARE!!! i'm upset at you that you even thought that lady's ugly had can hold up to your gorgeous designs! come on. Again just being brutally honest. I freakin love your store I am so buying a hat soon :)

Posted at 12:12 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

I probably should not bring this thread up but I would like to leave my very last comment. First of all, I would like to apologize for leaving the actual link of the shop. I’ve later realized that was really offensive and I should never have done that.

However, I would like to at least mention that Ive gone through a lot of trials and errors to finally come up with this pattern! This hat used to be a plain visor beanie I designed for a newborn when I was pregnant with my first child. I’ve taken few years and made several changes a little bit at a time as my child has grown. One time I’ve made the brim too big but this mistake lead me to come up with the idea to fold up the sides with a button. I’ve added popcorn stitches later and etc… I’ve started selling the pattern both kids and adult size in early 2010 so my design has already been widely spread online. I see more and more people doing “folding the brim sides up” however, I’ve never seen anyone selling such identical designed hat before.

I even found one of her social networking site where she post “free” popcorn beanie pattern. Except that some parts have been rephrased, I’ve confirmed that it is the same pattern that I’ve originally created. She posted this as free on elsewhere and she sells it for $5 on etsy at the same time. Very confusing!! I wish that I am smart enough to handle this person wisely. But I just don’t have much time and effort to put into. So I am going to switch my attention back to my work. I’ve already reported her to etsy. I am sorry again for bringing my personal incident here and thank you so much for your reply!

Posted at 12:52 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Amber Skychild from ThekawaiiOD says
Edited on Jun 18, 2012

Their are blatant copycats on etsy, and much hasn't been done about it. Maybe try getting a copyright or something legal like that, otherwise its really your word against her non existent word. You really have nothing to worry about really, but i know how you are feeling.

Posted at 1:07 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

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