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I really don't get much traffic from the weddings section at all. My views have fallen by half though, since it came in, co-incidental maybe?
But I was flying, loads of blogs, views going up up up, then the wedding section and I really feel its coming to a screeching halt.... I still have a few sales but not where I feel I should be. I feel like screaming at the screen somedays... 'buy my stuff, goddammit!!' ( though not as polite!!)

Posted at 6:37 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Same here, Claire...I had people 'hearting' my invitations once a day before the new Weddings section. Now I'm lucky if I get one once a week, and certainly no sales. :(

Oh yeah, and last time I checked all of the large businesses that have an Etsy presence were listed and my handmade store was not. Pardon me a moment while I go feel bitter. :/

Posted at 8:16 am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

In search, the first of my clutches shows up on page five, and I'm good with that. I'm still not anywhere in the clutches category. I've got some stuff in this shop listed under Weddings, but I've not even bothered to check that out. If I'm not showing up with what I sell most as a bridal seller, I'm certainly not going to show up with my earrings or necklaces.

Posted at 8:28 am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

I'm not the only one then. I just don't quite get what they mean by relevancy. Any help out there?

Posted at 8:45 am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

I am not finding my wedding favors either.. I have decided not to stress over it.
If you make them , they will come...until then I keep tweaking titles and tags.
Any advice on this is welcomed!

Posted at 8:57 am Jun 19, 2012 EDT

What tags are you guys using?

Posted at 3:40 pm Jun 19, 2012 EDT

Makes no sense to me. I heard once that the items in the wedding section are hand picked, which makes sense. They can't be going by relevancy because if they were the same items that show up first under "wedding invitations" search would show up in that same section in the wedding invitation catagory. I have (or had.. haven't looked lately) 2 invitations in the Weddings section, but by searching in the relevancy those 2 don't even show up in the first 30 pages, only one of mine does. Which brings me to another problem, I used to have at least 3-4 invites show up in the first 30 pages, now I have one if I'm lucky. I'm barely getting views anymore and things were going super well for my shop and I feel like it's going to go downhill if no one sees my stuff. I feel like my tags are all correct, I just can't figure out why I'm not in the top anymore, more people worked on their tags too? I renew at least one thing a day and have been listing new items. Those poor new items have barely hit 20 views each and they have been up for a week.

Some of the invitations on the first page of search have over 23,000 whole shop favorites and 800 likes on each invitation! Most of mine only have 20-30 or less.... and I only have 300 total shop favorites... wonder if I've been doing it wrong this whole time... I thought I had a pretty good following going until I looked at other shops... Feel like I should have more if I've been open for 2 1/2 years...

Posted at 3:50 pm Jun 19, 2012 EDT

I just clicked on the banner for the first time and tried a search from their menus. First of all, they aren't very clear. So to find bridal bouquets, which I sell some of, I first clicked on accessories. Then I clicked on bouquets. And then nothing. They need to give the brides ways to sort items better, because if I were a bride using those drop down menus, I would give up after a couple of minutes. You can't sort by color, season, flower, style. Talk about frustrating.

Posted at 1:40 am Jul 6, 2012 EDT

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