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Original Post


I'm new to Etsy and online sales as well. I'm not very good at social media but I'm trying my best. My shop's on Twitter, Pinterest, Weheartit, Tumblr. I think I'm getting a fair number of visitors which is really cool! However, no one is buying anything... which is also OK. I realise my shop's in a competitive area and it's probably going to take time and there are many amazing items on Etsy... but if anyone has any advice on how to accelerate that process a bit, please let me know !! :)

I would really appreciate any advice you could give me, thanks :D

Posted at 6:09pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT


I will start:) Everyone here will say more items! 30-50 minimum and the magic number apparently is 100 - I am not there yet either!

The first three words of your titles are the most important so make sure those words state exactly what your product is - yellow macrame necklace. With outside searches such as google, the first 40-50 characters count so make sure to finish your title with more words that buyers would search for. Always think like a buyer - they will usually search for a color not a technique.

Repeat your title in the first sentence of your description and again three times throughout your description to help with getting found.

List your tags in the order of your titles with multi word tags preferred - yellow necklace, macrame necklace - be sure to use all 13 tags even if you have to fill in with single words at the end.

Your shop announcement should begin with what you sell/do - handmade jewelry, macrame jewelry - gone are the days of the wordy welcome:)

You can go to for free and have your shop graded - as you implement the tips given, you can have your shop regraded. I took the time last week to go through and redo all my titles and it has helped a lot in getting found.

My last piece of advice is 5 years - it can take 5 years to get a business running and profitable so don't give up! Find outside venues to sell your wares at as well as Etsy to get your name out there.

Good luck! :)

Posted at 6:27pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Awesome advice Kim thank you!!!

Posted at 6:29pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Your listings really are not getting that many views by Internet standards. It usually takes a few hundred views per item to make a sale on the Internet, much more than in person.

With thousands of new shops every day and millions of listings, It is getting harder to be found on Etsy.

Several months ago, Etsy posted this announcement:
which included this statement:
" Diversity is important! Our marketplace is made vibrant by the wide range of products, sellers and styles. In a search sorted by relevancy, we divide up multiple items from the same shop, and prevent your search results from being dominated by one shop." Etsy is intentionally producing diversified search results on the Relevancy search. I have seen more and more changes in this direction lately.

It has become so important l to SEO for both Etsy Relevancy and for Google to get more views. There are differences between between Google and Etsy but it is possible to SEO for both.

Add SEO to every part of your shop, such as the shop title, section names as well as listings and tags, so that your shop and listings can be found on Etsy's Relevancy search and on Google.

Don't guess on the wording for keyword phrases. Start with using keyword phrases that are often used on Google to search for similar products. The keyword phrases popular on Google are also popular on Etsy.

There are web sites that keep track of keywords and how often they are used. One of these databases is from Google and is free. I suggest using Google's keyword research tool to find the best possible keyword phrases for your listings;

SEO for Google is a lot more than adding keyword phrases but this is the place to start.

There are so many great related keywords that could be added to your listings, such as,
Hippie Jewelry, Boho Jewelry, Hippie Bracelet, Hippie Necklace, Bohemian Jewelry, Boho Jewelry, Beach Jewelry . . . . . .

Researching to find great keywords will help you see which words shoppers are using to find products like yours.

Posted at 6:32pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Thanks for that Mary, I'll be working on the keywords much more.

Posted at 6:59pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

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