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Original Post

I've been selling my photographs on Etsy for a few years now. I used to have a respectable amount of sales, and I appreciate there is now much more competition on here these days........but things have changed, and I am at a loss now as to how I can make my listings visible, and I need some advice and opinions!
I've worked on my titles, tags etc, but I still only come up way down the pages in Relevancy search. Would anyone like to look at my listings and comment? Am I doing something completely wrong? Is there something glaringly obvious that I am missing? I'd be very grateful for any opinions!

Posted at 3:54pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT


Hi Tim,

I'm no expert but I checked out one of your listings

I don't see anything wrong with it, other than I heard that repeating the first few words (if possible), the search term in your tags is imperative. Meaning I guess you should have "paris photography" as a tag, I noticed you had "france photography" and "paris photograh" but I don't think that will work as well.

I think some of your work is beautiful but there certainly is a lot of competition in that category. I really hope someone else can give you some more pointers.

Everything else I checked looks good, you have your shop title relevant, and your sections match what you are selling.

Posted at 3:59pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT


What searches are you targeting specifically? Just shooting for "photography" will probably be a whole lot less fruitful then something more specific.

Posted at 4:02pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Your work is wonderful! Have you checked out the tags that your competition is using to describe their photographs? I did a search on Etsy for "Paris photography" inspired by this listing:

I looked at the first few entries that came up and it seems like others are using words like art print and decor (in combination with the subject). "Paris photography," "Paris decor," and "Paris photo" do bring up different search results.

Posted at 4:08pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

There are several SEO improvements you can make in the listing titles, descriptions and tags that will help with both Google and Etsy searches, including the following:

- add more keyword phrases with more variety to increase exposure on Etsy.
- use keywords you have researched on Google Adwords and know that these are somewhat popular in searches on Google (and conversely on Etsy as well):
- think like a shopper when brainstorming for keywords (shoppers tend to use the word, :"photo" more than "photography", for example)
- use the same keyword phrases in the listing tags for Etsy Relevancy searches
- use the same keyword phrases in the listing description for Google Relevancy searches
- work on building backlinks so that your shop comes up higher on Google search results - where are the shoppers are

a few keywords that will help in the above example;
- beach photo
- nature photo
- photo wall art
- photo wall decor
- beach wall decor
- beach decor

I am sure you can find more if you look.

Posted at 4:09pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the ideas they're all valuable. I'll get started with keywords right away.

Posted at 4:12pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT