Etsy Success Finally sale after 7 weeks!

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Congrats Andrea. You must be so excited!

Posted at 8:33 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

camille says

Gone through the slump. doing all I can to be more consisitant.. But I understand.

Posted at 1:44 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Ms. D. says

I've never gone more than 6 days without a sale [been open 6 months]. But anything more than 3 has me panicking!

Posted at 1:51 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I can go anywhere from 1 week to 5 months between sales... I just try my best to stick with it! Congrats on your sales!

Posted at 2:51 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Way to go on the sales!!!! = ) It's great to hear other's experiences, too.

Posted at 3:32 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT


Posted at 3:38 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

much longer than 7 weeks, but I am getting found more in searches and have had sales more consistently this year.

Posted at 3:46 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

weeks sometimes... but then there's days like yesterday where someone purchase 3 prints! Congrats to all first sale-ers! Enjoy, you deserve it:)

Posted at 3:50 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I've been open almost 2 months and haven't had any Etsy sales yet, but a friend viewed my shop and then ordered 4 custom-color dishcloth sets! I've decided I count that as an Etsy sale, even if it doesn't show on my shop stats! ;)

Posted at 4:04 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

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