Etsy Success "Ads not by this site"...popping up within my Etsy pages

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Original Post

Has anyone else had ads, such as Zappo,, Classmates etc. popping up between the Etsy tool bar and the banner and the lower margins !?

I have just recently borrowed a laptop from a friend because my pc died....and now my Etsy page is showing random pop up ads...regardless of the fact that I have the pop up blocker turned ON.

Does anyone know how I can get rid of these annoying ads?? There is a tiny "disclosure" at the lower right corner of the ad that reads "ads not by this site". I can't find anywhere "on" the ad space to remove the ads.

Please help!

Posted at 11:34pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT


Nicolette says

Sounds like the computer has a virus - if they have webroot give their 800 # a call. If not, DON"T use it for any personal information. Take it to a computer repair center, many can do a scan for free, but fixing it may be costly. Don;t click on the ads & I would advise not using the computer for etsy until you get it check out. You would be better off using a library computer & changing the passowrds for etsy & payal if you've used it on this computer, just in case.

Posted at 11:38pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

Uh oh!
What is a "webroot" ?

Posted at 11:42pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

Ms. D. says

You've got a virus. :(

Posted at 11:42pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

I had the same thing last week. If you are using Fire Fox. You can uninstall it and then reinstall after you check and see if it takes care of the problem. I also downloaded a free spy ware called Malsware. That did the trick.

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

I recently had an awful popup virus that Symantec endpoint protection couldn't detect. I downloaded the Symantec Power Eraser and it took care of it You might want to give that a try.

Posted at 11:47pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

I had this happen to me just this week! It looks like I unintentionally installed a tool bar called 'blekko', when I uninstalled it, the ads went away. Hope you find your solution. :)

Posted at 12:06am Aug 14, 2012 EDT

Nona says

Sounds more like a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) such as spyware. These are usually picked up unknowingly, like when downloading free trial types of games. You can easily remove them, though, yourself. Try using Malwarebytes. They offer a free one-time download trial version. I've used it before and it works wonders.

Posted at 12:39am Aug 14, 2012 EDT

Thanks to all of you for your replies and advice!!

To Disco Sorbet...
OH THANK YOU!!!!! YOUR link did the trick
I had been previously trying to download Malwarebytes and kept getting into sites that were false...??!! I could tell because ads were popping up everywhere...especially within/over other text.
The link you posted took me to the correct site and downloading was as easy as I remember (having used Malwarebytes before)...All the nasty virus business was removed after running the scan. YEA!!!

BTW FYI to all > everything removed had the title
or name of Crossfire and Crossrider.

Posted at 12:31pm Aug 14, 2012 EDT

Nona says

You're welcome! So glad you were able to remove those pesky PUPs and glad I was able to help. I remember how annoying those things are and I literally wanted to just throw my laptop out the window until a friend of mine linked me to the site I just gave you.

Posted at 12:48pm Aug 14, 2012 EDT