Etsy Success Christmas ! When do you start getting ready ?

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Original Post

I Know its August and here in the UK it's really hot so Christmas is not the first thing on my mind but when do you start getting ready for Christmas Creations in your shop ?
Heidi x

Posted at 3:19pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT


Lianna J Wattley from SalemStyle says
Edited on Aug 20, 2012

I know what you mean! It's hot here too! I wasn't going to start for a while, but since a lot of people have been talking about the holiday rush I started last week. I stocked up on some supplies and am making a few things. I don't want to be crazy busy making things and shipping!

Posted at 3:21pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

I would like to think I would be listing Christmas things soon, but the way life has been lately.....we shall see:) I will begin by the end of Sept. at the latest!

Posted at 3:23pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

When is the holiday rush ? sorry i really should know.
I am doing some sketches and working out a few ideas and plan to get some creations ready soon.

Posted at 3:24pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

Amy from lippybrand says

I dont know theres another thread on this with more information, check it out-

This will be my first christmas too.

Posted at 4:19pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

I will be working to have all new creations made and have them posted by the end of October

Posted at 4:22pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

We are supposed to be getting ready NOW! Yikes. I'm trying my best.
Check out your tags , make sure your pics are nice and crisp etc.
Have a nice banner, just get it all done so you can be ready for November 1st!
I'm trying to do all these things! Hopefully I'll get my first sale :-)
Good luck! You can do it!

Posted at 4:28pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

I feel like I'm working on Christmas stuff year round! But I'm really focusing on it this month so the holiday season is only slightly more stressful then normal!

Posted at 4:41pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

I agree with Electric Girl, NOW!!

Posted at 4:47pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

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