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Original Post

Hey all!

About a month ago, I overhauled my shop. Changed all my pictures, worked with titles and SEO, and really started promoting everywhere that seemed relevant.

I got three sales right after this overhaul, and this was after a long period of nada, so I really thought I was headed in the right direction, but now things are kind of at a standstill again. I see views, and tons of favorites, but haven't gotten a sale in a couple of weeks.

I'm happy to hear any advice, similar experiences, anything! I'm open!

Posted at 12:11pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT


I'm in a similar situation. I have been working on tags, titles, and getting more stuff listed in my shop and all of a sudden the sales stopped.

I'm hoping all the favorites and views are people pre-Christmas shopping and hopefully they come back in a few weeks to buy!

Good luck to you!

Posted at 12:14pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

I hope you're right--I do know that I've been doing that, saving items and shop for later with a specific Christmas intention, so maybe my potential customers are thinking the same way!

Good luck to you as well!

Posted at 12:22pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Overall I think your shop looks great. I think the titles on some could just be a little bit better to match the tags.

For instance on this one:

You say it's a mouse doll, plush and amigurumi in the tags, but not the title. Having it in both places helps you get found better. Also, I would put Thingling Number 6 at the end of the title and the more important words at the front.

Maybe something like: Mouse Rabbit Monster Doll Halloween Plush Blue Amigurumi Bunny - Thingling Number 6

It looks like you have applied this to some of your listings, but not all. You are definitely on the right track!

Posted at 12:23pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

I did a lot of listing in heartsabustin, got a half dozen sales at the end of August, and now - nothing. I'm getting some hearts and views, but no sales just yet. All I can do is hope all the work I've put into tags and titles will pay off at Christmas.

This shop, on the other hand, has decided to go nuts. I'm good with that, but I went from nothing to sales practically overnight. Someone flipped a switch in September. hahaha (Oh, and I'm NOT complaining.) :D

Posted at 12:26pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Just a thought, but how about adding some tags like -

Baby Gift
Baby Shower Gift
1st birthday present

Especially on stuff like the teddy bears. They would make adorable presents! (Maybe crochet the eyes instead of the button ones for babies).

I love your shop! So stinking cute :)

Posted at 12:30pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Patti - Thank you for pointing that out! I've been debating about if I should change the "thingling" portion to the end, as well, and I finallly bit the bullet and did it :)

RiverCityStudio - That's a great idea :) I just added those tags to a couple, and I'll definitely make a few bears that have the sewn-on eyes so I don't have to worry about them being baby friendly!

Thank you all so much! This is really, really valuable advice, and I really appreciate it!

Posted at 12:50pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Those are all great advice. I totally feel the same way. I redid my shop by redoing the pictures and tags and adding more items. I have been promoting like crazy but I feel like people only fav my items and shop, but that's it.

I think your shop looks great and good luck to you!!!

Posted at 12:58pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

I am in the same slump. I am in the process of updating tags and pictures and adding additional items to my shop, hoping that will help for the holidays. I seem to be getting more and more views but no one is buying.

Posted at 1:04pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Ms. D. says

What have you done in the past two weeks [since your last sale] in terms of tweaking listings, adding new items, promoting, social media, etc? You've got to keep it up! :)

Posted at 1:05pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT