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Original Post

daniellexo says

Hi all!

I'd love to highlight *your* most creative promotion and marketing tactics in this week's newsletter! Share the top (and most interesting ways) you promote your Etsy shop in this thread, and I'll feature my favorites in Tuesday & Thursday's Etsy Success.


Posted at 11:20am Jan 31, 2011 EST


You right, Danielle. For me the biggest challenge I face here is to promote my creations. That's is my last idea to use myself as a model for plus size knitwear.
Hope it won't scare away buyers....

Posted at 11:45am Jan 31, 2011 EST

Hi Danielle! I live in Racine, WI - but have root in the south. :) When my family made plans to travel to Oklahoma for Christmas, I sent out a note on FB and posted a note on my Etsy page to let everyone know that I would bring some of my items with me and that I wouldn't mind meeting up some fellow Etsians down south!

Posted at 12:00pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

Promotion is definitely the hardest part for me, too. I have found that wearing my jewelry around works really well! I never leave my apartment without some piece of jewelry on and then always bring business cards in case someone is interested. My friends wear my jewelry as well and promote for me! I know I could do a lot more with social media so I'm excited to read the rest of the posts on this thread...

Posted at 12:10pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

MollyFinds says

I have used the new coupon codes with a code for returning customers. So far I had a customer purchase 2 more things the day after the original item shipped:) LOVE the coupon codes

Posted at 12:19pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

anselblue says

One of my favorite creative promos was this:

I made and put colorful fabric fortune cookies in little take-away boxes and gave them to favorite customers and those at shows with purchases over a certain amount. The note on the box said "You brought us luck, now give some to a friend!" Inside the cookie as the fortune paper was a fabric label with my studio info. The label was blank on the reverse so customers could write a message to their friend in ballpoint pen.

People thought it was really clever and I recived a emails/orders from take-away box recipients.

Posted at 12:33pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

I am terrible at promoting, and therefore will be paying close attention to this thread and the newsletter. :)

Posted at 12:45pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

Since most of my items are handmade with recycled candy wrappers, I asked myself "When do people eat candy?" Halloween, Valentine's, Easter. On Halloween, I enjoyed handing out candies to the trick or treaters. I attached a miniature business card (with a coupon code:)) to each piece of candy we handed out.

On Valentine's I have a basket that I carry full of Hershey's Kisses. I keep the basket with me and hand them out when I can . . . and or course, there is a miniature business card attached.

Most people love candy and chocolates, so they enjoy an unexpected piece of sweetness. And a coupon attached is a little bonus!

Can't wait to hear more ideas!

Posted at 12:58pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

I recently created a flier introducing and describing my shop and highlighting a couple of items that may draw people in. It has tear-off tabs at the bottom with my facebook and etsy shop links. I posted the flier on Facebook for my friends to print out and post wherever they see fit (schools/libraries mostly). I have put several up on community bulletin boards along with some business cards. I am also trying to keep everything cohesive - the banners and avatars on my etsy, facebook, blog and twitter profiles. This way people "remember" you and see you as familiar :)

Posted at 1:23pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

I never pass up an opportunity to lead a weaving demonstration, whether it is at a local school, place of worship or for a community event. It is sometimes a pain to lug around my table loom, but having the chance to show people - especially children - how fabric is woven is truly fascinating and very rewarding. (Plus, it makes for good business!)

Posted at 1:42pm Jan 31, 2011 EST