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Original Post

MilaKeln says

I would like to create my own website. It would be my online portfolio and it would link back to my etsy shop.
I am looking for a good website builder that is also SEO/google friendly and free :)
Any suggestions?

Posted at 11:02am May 5, 2011 EDT


I used Google Apps to build my site - I found it fairly user friendly, works with Google (obviously!;), and its free! Google Sites is a part of google apps, and had everything I needed. Here's how my site came out ...

Posted at 11:14am May 5, 2011 EDT

topc says

thanks for this information. i needed it 2

Posted at 11:32am May 5, 2011 EDT

MilaKeln says

thanks flourish. your site is beautiful
I will check them out.

I saw few gorgeous Wix sites,but I read that sites that are on wix are not picked up by google
is there something similar to Wix, that is picked up?

Posted at 11:52am May 5, 2011 EDT

I've heard good things about, but I'm not sure about it being picked up by Google. FlourishAndDebonair, your site looks wonderful--I will have to check out Google Sites!

Posted at 12:34pm May 5, 2011 EDT

aggieray says

Flourish. so your website is basically informative to link to your blog and etsy shop? have you seen increased traffic. Both shop and website are beautiful!

Posted at 12:38pm May 5, 2011 EDT

ValValVoom says

Here is mine it is so easy and takes five minutes to set up.

Posted at 12:46pm May 5, 2011 EDT

BrainFry says

Right now I'm using wix and I don't think they're SEO...I'm going to have to check out googlesites! Thank you for the info :)

Posted at 12:50pm May 5, 2011 EDT

MilaKeln says

thanks ValValVoom.
can I create a gallery on that page or is it just for links? I would like to have a portfolio of my work.

Posted at 8:28pm May 5, 2011 EDT

Aw, thanks for all the nice comments!! :D

Hi Aggieray! To answer your question ... yes, I have seen increased traffic, but its because I'm driving it there. I made the website so that instead of giving people three separate addresses (my two shops and my blog) I can direct them to that one site, and they can find everything there. For instance, on my twitter profile, there's only a small amount of room, so I just have my own website there - but in my analytics, I can see that my site is definitely driving traffic to my various places I want people to go. Or on my business cards, it will be easier to just have that one address and convey everything I need to. Its not that the website is inherently creating traffic, its more that I can use it to direct traffic.

Also, I use my domain to host my blog, which is another perk of having your own domain. Like, my blog is a instead of a blogspot address.

Anyway, hope that helps! :)

Posted at 10:16pm May 5, 2011 EDT

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