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Original Post

My sales to views ratio is fairly constant, at 11 sales per about 2000 views (0.55%). I'd be interested in knowing what the average conversion rate for Etsy shops, and what we can do to get a higher conversion rate.

Posted at 7:28pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT


Mine is 1 sale per 284 views. This is the first time I've calculated it.

Posted at 7:40pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

PotatoFace says

How are you calculating?

Posted at 7:43pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

You take the number of sales and divide by the number of views. That will a percentage, which is your conversion rate.

Say you have 1 sale, and 200 views. 1 divided by 200 + .005, then move over the decimal point two spaces, and you have a .5% conversion rate.

Posted at 8:35pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

are you talking shop views, listing views or all total?

Posted at 8:50pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

if i count by item views for september, i had .17% CR.

Posted at 8:53pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

Actually, I took total views, but it's probably more accurate to consider listing views. When I figure just listing views, my conversion rate is .75%, or 3 sales per 400 views.

Posted at 8:54pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

Sept = .17%
Aug = .19%
Jul = .27%
Jun = 2.1%

relevancy is pretty much putting me out of business here. time to get my resume together!

Posted at 8:57pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

interesting! It seems different type of products have quite different rate!

May I join you?

My store has not really began to sell yet, because of the temperature. I believe it will change lots in the winter.

Views 683
sale 3

9/25-10/1 today
Views 627
sale 3

Btw, I am more interested in "the cost per item sold". Including relist, transaction fee, and serach ad etc.(Not including paypal)

In Sep. my bill is
51.36 USD
and 8 items sold

average cost is $ 6.42

=.=....(Not so happy now)

Posted at 8:57pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT

I've gotten a ton of views from teams and forums, so those def skew my view count. An important thing to consider is how many individual views an item got before it sold. Most often, my individual items have less than 100 views. One of my items sold after being viewed maybe 17 or 18 times. Other items have 100+ views and don't look like they'll ever sell!

In other words, a simple view-to-sale ratio is probably not the best indicator. For instance, my first sale was in June and I only had 28 views that whole month!

Now that I've used SEO strategies and have more items and better photos, my views are way up from 28 a month. People might not be buying, but the fact that I'm being viewed means that I'm being found, and not only that, it means that people are attracted enough to my photos to click on the actual listing.

As for my number of sales per month, they've gone up from 1 a month in June to many more last month! Here's to hoping I can continue or at least maintain the progress I've made.

Posted at 9:27pm Oct 1, 2011 EDT