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Original Post

hi everyone!

i'd really appreciate your feedback and help!

I've been selling on Etsy since 2008,but was jewellery for a while, I then took a break and have returned about a month ago with little felt eco-friendly decorations. you can read more about the story behind these on my shop, but so far i've had lots of faves but no sales.

I know it's early days but I can't help wondering whether it is my prices putting people off? I do believe strongly that much great craft out there is priced way too low to really reflect the care, thought, effort and time gone in to it...and thus I priced mine accordingly. However some close friends and family have winced at the price a bit.

what do you think? I have done a lot of searching and there is much felt and plush that is seemingly simpler made but priced similarly, and looks like many sales.

All comments are gratefully recieved! thank you :)

Posted at 7:24 am Nov 15, 2011 EST


Wow! That was my first impression of your shop when I opened it:) Your products are bright and colorful, so vibrant and completely recycled which so many people love!

The prices aren't overly spendy when broken down from a set into individual pieces. If you have done your research among other sellers and find that your prices for similar size felt products are comparable, then I say continue on. Research is important! We all need to be paid for our time, but be careful to stay in tune with other sellers.

I think my criticism would be that you only have the one product in a variety of colors. Try creating another design or shape. Or - how else might you create that particular shape into a totally different product - not an ornament... think outside the box.

It has only been a month - those "likes" will come back to see what else you have!


Posted at 7:41 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Thanks Kim that's great feedback, and I am thinking of that precise thing! I have 2 new shapes I am going to start making up in now, plus a new line of all-natural wool and silk thread ornaments (the others are vegan).

apprecaite your time :)

Posted at 7:51 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

I would agree that your prices are not too high at all! Don't undervalue your work!!

And I love your color combinations!

Posted at 7:57 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Not at all! I think they're beautiful and the prices are reasonable :)

Posted at 8:05 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

I have not yet looked at your store. I wanted to say this first. There are a lot of hobbyists on etsy and at craft shows. They love to do their craft and only sell it because they cannot keep it all. That being said they price their items at hobby price. I do this full time and am trying to buy a house, I cannot afford to compete with some people's pricing so I do not try. I take my material and just a small amount for labor and then I double that number for wholesale sales and then I triple that # for retail sales. If someone truly loves your item because it is more unique or pretty than a competitors then there are people that will pay more. Some people value a handmade item and will pay for it. Others could care less and like to get a deal. I think I am both of those people. I see many beautiful things on etsy but some I just cannot afford but that does not mean they are not worth it. Going to look at your shop now, I just wanted to say that first

Posted at 8:05 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Wow, LOVE the colors in your shop, your ornaments look very well made! I think the pricing is fine, but I do agree that a greater variety of ornaments or similar felt objects will be good and drive traffic for different types of items. You can also add in a few more simple ornaments that are less expensive.
One more thing - it would be great to see a photo of the ornament sitting on someone's hand to better see the size of it :)

Posted at 9:03 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Thanks Honey, I've been wondering how I can get to show scale with my listing and that is a great tip!

Posted at 9:10 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Oh my goodness, your ornaments are so adorable! I think your prices are fine. I think you did a great job on style and color combinations! I might suggest a photograph displaying a few ornaments inside a clear glass vase or hurricane. Some people like to use ornaments this way for decorations on tables and such, that way customers don't have to contemplate whether they can afford several sets to fill a whole tree. Best of luck!

Posted at 9:22 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

Judy from JaySilver says

I agree 100% with the 'WOW - your shop is beautiful and your products are absolutely gorgeous' but I have to be the odd one out here and say, yep, for me, your prices are too high.

When someone asks about pricing, I don't look at the comments, and I don't look at the prices in the shop. I am careful to look only at the picture. Then I ask myself 'what would I pay for this item?' and to be frank, my assessment came quite a way short of the real price.

Having said that, I do know how much work goes into something like this. Trouble is, I'm able to turn my hand to a lot of different crafts, and if I wanted this type of ornament I could make them for myself quite easily - and I'm cheap! If I were not able to sew, especially the small fiddly things, then I'd be willing to pay a higher price.

Posted at 9:25 am Nov 15, 2011 EST

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