Etsy Success kitchen scale vs. postage scale

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Original Post

I'm starting to look into buying a postage scale & just wonder which would be better - a real postage scale or a kitchen scale. Do you have any recommendations? Got one you love or hate? Any special features I should look for? I don't want to spend a ton of money on it, but I don't want to buy junk that will soon need to be replaced either.

Thanks for your input.

Posted at 7:49pm Jan 2, 2012 EST


Heather says

I have a $10 kitchen scale and it works just fine.

Posted at 7:50pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

Thanks. Kitchen scales do seem to be less expensive & easier to find.

Posted at 7:56pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

YayBeads from YayBeads says
Edited on Jan 2, 2012

I would recommend digital and it should read at least to the 1/10 of an ounce so you don't overpay postage. Also, make sure it goes high enough for you! (Mine only goes up to 2-1/2 lbs and that might not be enough for some heavier products.)

Posted at 8:00pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

You don't need to worry about 1/10th of an oz if your just using for shipping. Postage is only broken down by oz increments, and so if your between 1 and 2 oz, the post office just rounds up to 2 oz. Not sure if it's any different out of the US.

I have this one:

It does both oz & grams, which grams are a must if you do any sort of baking with flour (seriously, use weights instead of measurements for all flour baking, it's how professionals do it)

Posted at 8:10pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

I bought a digital scale that goes up to 50 lbs for $19. Four years later, works like a charm. Does G and OZ.

Posted at 9:54pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

Same as Cindy. Love mine from Amazon.

Posted at 10:01pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

I have a postage scale.It's digital and has a button to hold the weight when the package is too big to see the readout underneath it. I love it!

Posted at 10:06pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

Can I ask a question about these scales? When you weigh something on a digital postal scale and it tells you, for example, 2.4 oz, how do you know how much money it will cost? Do you go to PayPal shipping and enter how much it weighs, and it'll figure it out for you and print your label?

Posted at 10:18pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

Yup. For a 2.4oz. item, you would enter 3 ounces in Paypal shipping (or use the USPS postage calculator for a quick estimate)

Posted at 10:34pm Jan 2, 2012 EST

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