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Original Post

Hello everyone! I've just gotten on Etsy, and I have received a lot of views on my shop. However, I have no buyers yet. How do I get buyers? Is there a certain way I should market my shop?

Posted at 5:51pm Feb 19, 2012 EST


I think your pictures look great. If you are getting lots of views that is great too.
You have only been on here 3 days. Be patient. I am sure your shop sill do great.

Posted at 5:55pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Great photographs :). I think you need to work on things like listing details. The description is really basic and it doesn't make it clear what you are getting for example. Maybe read through some of the etsy sellers guide on how to get started and have a look on this team/ see how other shops have done it :)

Good luck!

Posted at 5:58pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

I am still quite new here and haven't had any sales yet either, so you can just ignore me if you want :)
I think you could put a bit more effort into your shop. As photogrpher you can probably make a nice banner yourself, write a bit more about yourself in the profile and maybe rephrase your policies a bit - they really seem off-putting.
Dorothys advice on getting ideas from other shops on how to do it is good - that helped me a lot.

Posted at 6:07pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

I like your photos!
I'd say to add a little more info with your listings. Your Under the Pier landscape says only "5x7 of this picture (watermark removed of course)"
what kind of paper is it printed on? how do you ship the item? how long should it take for you to mail it out? Just put up as much information as you can!
I also like to post my stuff on facebook, tumblr, & pintrest, networking, ya know?


Posted at 6:11pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Hello Sydeny,

I agree with Sherry – you're a brand new shop so unless you're done some very early promotion and told people you're going up, you're not likely to start bringing in sales this soon (then again, everyone's luck is different).

I say work on your titles so they're more search friendly, put more information in the descriptions (are the pictures being sent already printed or will the buyer receive a file? If they're printed, will they be framed? What kind of paper will they be printed on? Information like this is very important to someone deciding to buy something online), and refine your tags. You have about 20 characters so you can get specific: "dock photograph" or "sunset photo" are two examples. Your potential buyers have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of shops to buy from. Put a description that will tell them why you're the best choice.

There are a bunch of threads already in existence that give advice on how to generate sales. Make sure you promote both on and off Etsy without being too pushy or obnoxious about it, and remind yourself to be patient. Remember that views don't always mean buyers; sometimes people are just browsing, and obsessing over the numbers distracts you from putting work into your shop.

Posted at 6:14pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Thanks so much everybody! :) I don't know why I never thought of any of this!

Posted at 6:14pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Lovely work, Sydney!

I'd make the watermarks a bit less noticeable - that's all I saw when I first clicked on your shop.

Sales will come - I'm new, too, and finally had my first to someone I don't know!

Good luck!

Posted at 6:14pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

To my store, avg. 100 views/ 1 sale.

For V-day, avg 30-40 view/ 1 sale.

.....So...getting more views.....

My humble opinion

Posted at 6:24pm Feb 19, 2012 EST

Hello i need info how to get more sales in my shop

Posted at 2:20pm Oct 21, 2013 EDT

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