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I always send a nice convo back stating that I don't want them to get in trouble so in case they didn't know, an Etsy member can report them for sending unsolicited promotions and other various spam. Then I always say that I wish them well so the idea doesnt come off in a bad way. Some people truly are not aware. I have had many apologize and say they didnt really read the dos and donts or TOUs, or that they werent aware.

Now there have been a couple that have continued to do so and I report them...

Posted at 12:40 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

Just set your favorites to private, and then you'll never have to worry about spam! That's what I do, and I've never gotten a single message thanking me for liking anything--because they can't see who I am! :) Problem solved for you AND them! :)

Posted at 12:47 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

I've gotten a few thank you's for favoriting, etc. but the Seller was new so I figure they don't know. If it became repetitive I might consider reporting it, otherwise I just ignore it.

Posted at 1:03 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

I've always liked to receive coupon codes for items I favorite or put in a treasury. I've also used some of them, as well. I would never report someone for giving me a code; only way I'd report them is if they keep sending it over, and over, and then asking me why I never used it...That has happened once, and it was the most bizarre thing, ever. It wasn't from a shop here in USA, it was from a shop located in China. =\

That was beyond annoying and quite frightening, actually.

Posted at 10:34 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

I guess I'm confused about our ultimate goal here. Isn't it to get our product out there and to sell it. I welcome anyone wanting to thank me; say hi; critique me; etc.

If my shop was a store front on Main Street, I certainly wouldn't throw someone out for just saying "hi" and "you have nice stuff."

Posted at 10:47 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

This is a legitimate question, but I think much of the problem lies with the faux "social networking" site-within-a-site that Etsy seems to have created. (Which, for the record, I don't dislike...but I feel is unstructured.)

I agree that unsolicited convos are sometimes (often) obnoxious (although my shop is not quite as successful and I therefore have fewer to deal with), but I also agree with what Meredith and others have said about just ignoring the unwanted convos and accepting that they may not be intentionally or maliciously spamming you. There are no direct "like" buttons in the way that other sites have for thanking someone for a particular action - favoriting an item or adding them to your circle, for example. While I haven't sent or received any messages of this nature, I can see why some might feel compelled to send you a thank you - and convos right now appear to be the primary (if not only) real way to do that. (Favoriting someone back has the same connotation, but it's impersonal.)

Part of the problem, I feel, is that Etsy's convos and forums and "circle" have created more of a social networking air, whether sellers and buyers want that or not. As a society we have some idea of what that means on other sites, and I think we kind of expect that some of the same rules apply. The TOU's are a good start, but they don't really cover some of the types of use, in my opinion, especially the aspects that the more social "Circle" feature raises...or the Teams, for that matter (which each have their own rules, which often encourage "liking" the person's shop above you, and so on). And unlike some other sites, we can't turn off messaging or the circle features (that I know of).

Like Anne, I completely agree that "I very much dislike aggressive marketing and sending promo codes or asking me to Like another page are aggressive to me. I know what I want to buy, I don't like feeling I'm being considered as a target." (Except that I wouldn't mind promo codes. :P) But it's also clear that the sellers who are doing these things (amongst other, better tactics) *are* getting noticed...and often getting ahead. They continue to do this because there is some reward or payoff for it - it's working.

Two particular examples of unsolicited convos in my inbox recently:

1) A request from someone to send them one of my items for free - at my shipping expense as well - so she could review it on her video blog on YouTube. She was a buyer only, and was a new-ish user on the site. I was offended and amazed (do people DO that????), but I declined politely and invited her to purchase an item from my shop for a discount. She did not. (And in retrospect, I would *not* offer the discount again for such a request.)

2) Someone included one of my items in their Treasury listing, and sent a convo to notify me. The convo was very well composed and included a link to the treasury, along with links to the seller's shops. It was marketing, for sure, but I wasn't offended by it and replied to thank the seller. The next time I created a treasury I did the same...thinking it must just be some unspoken Treasury etiquette that I was not yet aware of...but I don't think I would do it again. (Especially in light of this conversation.)

It would be really helpful if Etsy created better structure around convos - such as a drop-down box to select the type of convo: Custom Item Request, Question About An Item, etc. Not everyone would use that properly, but it could help to weed out some of the unsolicited convos. And/or, they could form better TOU's and structure around the Circle feature, and/or allow people to opt out.

In the meantime, I'd take the messages on a case by case basis. If you have the time and are particularly offended by a message, write back reminding the seller of the TOU's, ask them not to contact you in that way again, and state that the next time you will report them. If you don't have time, ignore them. It's an unfortunate fact of our cyberworld that spam is more or less inevitable in any medium - I only *wish* I could filter all my incoming calls, emails, etc. to remove the unnecessary and unsolicited communications. If it's a repeat offender, you wouldn't be in the wrong to report them.

Sorry you're having to deal with the hassle, though. :(

Posted at 11:32 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

I just ignore them. Most don't know any better. . .

Posted at 1:03 pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

What Kawaii said.
I think the treasury itself is the place to give appreciation for inclusion and a simple notification is always welcomed.

Posted at 1:13 pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

Tell them to stop sending you messages, explain that it's against Etsy's T&C and that it could get them in a bit of trouble if they keep it up. Beyond that there's not much else you can do. This would at least stop them from pestering anyone -else- about it. It's a worth-while service and we do appreciate it :P

Otherwise, like I said, I can't think of anything else you could do.

Posted at 2:00 pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

I like when other shops send me a discount notice if I've favorited a bunch of their items! I have a few shops that I buy from all the time now because they offer discounts to other shop owners!

What I don't like is when other shop owners convo to tell you a mistake they think you have "that's not the true definition of a trench coat, you should change your title." LOL

But I agree reporting is harsh. Ignore like a friend request on facebook from an ex boyfriend haha!

Posted at 7:07 pm Feb 26, 2012 EST

Unfollow username?

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