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Thank you very much for your interest in the Etsy team Japan. We are a team focused on raising the awareness of Japan and Etsy. People in Japan with Etsy shops and those with Etsy shops outside of Japan are welcome to join.

Team requirements.
This team is for Japanese people living either in Japan or overseas selling on Etsy, for anyone living in Japan selling on Etsy and for those people who have a clear connection to Japan in their work. If you don't meet one of these conditions you will not be approved for membership.

The following are what we look for in members.
Participation in the group. - Group discussions here, group activities, and promoting the group through treasuries are 3 of the ways you can participate. Other ways include workshops. Promotion of the workshop, after workshop notes and photos of the workshop can be added to the Facebook site.
You have to have an active shop on Etsy. - We look for shops that are presented well, are stocked with items and have a strong interest in Japan.
Tagging. - We ask that you use one of your tags in your items to include the team tag, japanteam It is one word. You can also use etsyjapan as a tag.

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Original Post

Hi! I'm debating starting an EtsyJapan Discussion group on facebook! I run a few Japan related discussion groups and find them to be super helpful and informative for getting feedback, discussion problems, finding solutions, and I'd really like to have more contact with the EtsyJapan artisans and find out what you all are doing, how you're doing it, how you use Etsy in Japan to reach the Japanese community, or ideas on ways to use it as such.

Anyone interested in participating? If we have a few interested members, then I'll start it up as a 'closed' group, and we can see how it goes?

~Erinn~ [OffonaWhim]

Posted at 10:11pm Jul 20, 2012 EDT


Or, if a discussion group already exists, I'd love to join it. I searched but couldn't find one!

Posted at 10:11pm Jul 20, 2012 EDT

I am interested. Please start it and I will join.

Posted at 6:36am Jul 21, 2012 EDT

Ok, the group has started! Click this link and PM me on FB to let me know you are an Etsian in Japan and interested in learning how to promote, use and push Etsy here, and I'll approve the membership! :)

It's a closed group, the public can see members, but not posts. People can request to join but may not join automatically, to help filter out possible spammers.


Posted at 7:02am Jul 21, 2012 EDT

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