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Original Post

Could anyone please help me with regard to receiving payment by eft only?
I have opened a paypal account but am having issues with my card that is linked to this account, so while I sort this out with my bank, I was wondering if I can operate on an eft payment only basis in the meantime.
Also, is it possible to pay my seller fees by eft or does it have to be done with a credit card? I am itching to list my paintings for sale but need to have worked out how to pay first!
And I would love some feedback on members' methods of shipping locally and overseas. It's good to know which options are good value and reliable.

Posted at 4:37 am Mar 1, 2012 EST


Hi Tarryn

It looks at though, in the "payment options" section, you can uncheck "Paypal" as a payment method and only use "Other" as a payment method (which you would use for EFT payments). Doing this though, will only allow South Africans to buy from you on Etsy. They would purchase your listing using "Other" as a payment. Then you would need to e-mail them with your details so they can pay for the item by EFT. You will need to say this in your listing or the buyer will be confused at the end of the purchasing process.

When it comes to your Etsy bill, you have to pay with credit card or your Paypal account. Etsy does not allow you to pay by bank transfer.

Honestly, I would wait until you have your paypal sorted out before you list.

With regards to shipping, I ship registered airmail with the post office. Ive sent off 45 items so far, none have been lost. *knock on wood* So, I am quite happy with it surprisingly!

Shipping paintings you might also check with postnet and see what options they offer.

All the best with your new Etsy shop! :)

Posted at 4:20 pm Mar 10, 2012 EST

There are a few other payment options you can use; before Paypal I used to use Setcom. It involved emailing the buyer instructions on how to pay, and them registering with Setcom. It's all a bit laborious, and often people cancelled the sale rather than going through all of that. But search for 'other payment options' or similar on the forums, and you'll find a few options.

Posted at 3:26 pm Mar 18, 2012 EDT

Linda says

Hi Tarryn, your card issue is probably sorted now seeing that it's 19 days later. If not, can't you receive payments on Paypal while you have the problem with your card solved? You can add a secondary card on Paypal, which doesn't have to be a credit card, it can be a debit card - so your account remains active. I don't think this will affect withdrawals anyway as this is an entirely different process.

Re: shipping, in addition to Melody's comment. The Post Office will ship large items like paintings, I suppose there are size limits. It's just really costly to ship big items by air, unless you fly a bulk of them at one go. I sent out wall decor packages that measure about 50x50cm for an average of R550 via the post office (insured)...the lowest rates by far.

Posted at 5:09 am Mar 19, 2012 EDT

Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments. Something to chew on...
So, if I understand correctly, you all have a paypal account - which is linked to an FNB bank account - for which you have a credit card - for which you pay huge fees every month?! I must say that SA's banking system is really rather archaic and convoluted - or is it just me!:)

Posted at 3:48 am Apr 3, 2012 EDT

@Melody You mentioned that is accepting eft payments only I would limit myself to South African buyers. I could well be missing something but my Q is why? Would international buyers not make payments via bank transfer?

Posted at 3:52 am Apr 3, 2012 EDT

As I understand it, you can't accept foreign currency directly into your bank account. There are fees associated with currency conversions, and it's only worth it if it's a large amount of money (for instance, being paid for a freelance job).

Posted at 8:35 am Apr 3, 2012 EDT

Dorraine from DorraineDezigns says
Edited on Apr 22, 2012

It doesnt need to be a credit card account at FNB. You can link PayPal to any bank account at any bank. You can do it through FNB online banking where there is an option where you can link PayPal to your own bank account (if you dont bank at FNB), eg. ABSA, Std Bank, Nedbank etc account, doesnt matter. Just go to FNB and ask at Enquiries - they will help you and show you how it is done. It really is easy. :-)

Posted at 11:28 am Apr 22, 2012 EDT

I would just check with FNB it seems that they have changed all my new regular bank cards to chip type Visa CHEQUE cards which is a debit card but can transact like a credit card on any platform, (but it doesn't have a credit facility) it may well be as simple as going into your branch and getting your debit card updated. I hope this helps.


Posted at 2:54 am Jan 26, 2013 EST

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