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-The European Street Team consists of sellers from all parts of Europe.
-You need to have an active shop. (Items listed)
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-Handmade, supplies or vintage all sellers are welcome to join
-shops without listings nor activity for 4 months will be removed from the member list
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You don´t need to send us a conversation if you want to join this team!

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If you have any questions please send a conversation to the Captain.

You will know that you are on the team list when you can write and read the private threads in here. Or just search the team list.

There are a few members who are outside of Europe, they are honorary members as they have been member of the team for a long time but moved away from Europe. This exception is only for old members who moved out of Europe. They can still chat with the other members but their items are not tagged with the team's tag.

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Original Post

I just started writing my own blog, and I'm looking for things to feature there:)

The first subject will be proposal, so I need items like Champagne classes, hearts and thing that you think would suite proposals! If I'm not going to use your items in this post, I might use them later 8My future themes will be weddings, gifts, mother's day, diamonds etc.)

Post the items here, and If I will use them I will convo you:) I would appreciate if all the people who will be featured there would share the blog in twitter, Facebook or some place else!

And: You can find my blog from here:

I'm Still constructing it, so please be patient with it!

I will tweet my blog, share it in my facebook and other places also, so hopefully I will gain a lot of visitors!

Posted at 5:14 am Feb 20, 2012 EST


Hi Pasi.
Welcome to the world of blogging. Wishing you all the best!

Posted at 5:20 am Feb 20, 2012 EST

Thank you! I hope that it all goes well and I really can write something that interests people:)

Posted at 5:28 am Feb 20, 2012 EST

If you'll write about what you love, I'm sure people will love to read. I'm sorry I don't have anything worthy for your blog.

Posted at 5:31 am Feb 20, 2012 EST


I have perhaps some things, that you can use for one of your themes... And I am very proud of my pictures - think that they would look great on your blog.

Anyway. I love your things, and if I ever are going to use a lot of money on jewelry, you will be one of my top choices.

Hyvää perjantaina ja hauskaa viikonloppua
(I have lived 4 years in Finland 10 years ago)

Posted at 3:03 am Feb 24, 2012 EST

Hallo, wish you good luck with blogging. Please feel free to check my shop.

What about these for the love and proposal themes?

Posted at 9:19 am Feb 24, 2012 EST

Good luck with your blog! Beautiful rings and a blog about weddings should definitely be a success :)

If I were a man, I would propose to my beloved with wrapping the ring in this beautiful hoodscarf with little hearts on it...well, just an idea...

Posted at 11:38 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

Wish you great success with blogging!
I am not shure if there is something in my shop you could use for your blog but I have some upcycling products such as jewellery (not for weddings) and billboard leaf garlands for some nice wedding party:

All the best,

Posted at 8:47 am Feb 27, 2012 EST

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