Dust Members

Who can join?

Dust is a moderated team with the following requirements:

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: We are a locality and seller 'Street Team' and as such the requirements of membership are:

1- To be an ACTIVE ETSY SELLER LIVING IN AUSTRALIA and be over 18 years of age. Active is defined as having something for sale in your Etsy shop.
2- As a requirement of membership you need to join the DUST Forum.
3- We have a $2 per year membership fee, payable after a two month free look period.

To join DUST, simply go to and register as a member. From there we'll approve your membership and get back to you! (see REGISTER link in Elsewhere section, side menu of this Team page.)

TEAM CHARTER (includes 1-3 above)
4- The official tag for the DUST team is 'dust team'.
5- To retain maximum exposure on the team website you need to post in the forum at at least once a month. Not posting simply means less exposure. (Please visit though.)
6- If you join in a Craft Swap you will be required to follow through. If you don't you will not be allowed to join a swap again. Your sign-up in the thread is your agreement to this point. You wouldn't want to be forgotten so don't forget your partner.
7- If you join a Group Buy you will be required to follow through with payment and if your group ends up with Customs fees and charges you will have to pay your share of those. The organiser of the group buy is NOT responsible for those charges.
8- There are logos for use in personal blogs, websites or as a spare in an item listing available on the downloads page.
9- Play nice, there will be no tolerance of stalking, harassing or generally being nasty to other members. There are real people behind these forum usernames.

Membership Cancellation
10- If you cancel your DUST membership you can no longer use the team tags and will need to remove them from your items.
11- You'll also need to remove your (proud, happy... ) "member of DUST team" statement.

Restricted and Prohibited Activities
12- Stalking, harassing or being nasty to members.
13- Posting private contact details of other members.
14- DUST expects all members to produce original work and respect copyright.

Violations may result in a warning, suspension or permanent removal from the team.
If a problem occurs between members it is not to be discussed on the Forum or in the Etsy threads, please PM a DUST Admin to help you work out the problem.

DUST Admin and Moderators are here to help you, sometimes we will have to move or edit posts and threads.
Admin members are Samara, Melanie and Jade.

This charter will be reviewed on an annual basis or as deemed necessary by the administration team.

Did you go to our team forum ( and sign up for membership there first?
We will approve your membership after you request to join our forum, and then send you an invitation to join this team.

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