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Who can join?

Dust is a moderated team with the following requirements:

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: We are a locality and seller 'Street Team' and as such the requirements of membership are:

1- To be an ACTIVE ETSY SELLER LIVING IN AUSTRALIA and selling your own HAND MADE goods, and be over 18 years of age. Active is defined as having some things for sale in your Etsy shop.

The official tag for the DUST team is 'dust team'.

There are logos for use in personal blogs, websites or as a spare in an item listing available on the downloads page. (url is changing.... I'll update it asap.)

Play nice, there will be no tolerance of stalking, harassing or generally being nasty to other members. There are real people behind these usernames.

Membership Cancellation
If you cancel your DUST membership you can no longer use the team tags and will need to remove them from your items.

Restricted and Prohibited Activities
Stalking, harassing or being nasty to members.
Posting private contact details of other members.
DUST expects all members to produce original work and respect copyright.

Violations may result in a warning, suspension or permanent removal from the team.

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