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Original Post

babetown says

Hey guys!!!

My name is David, and I am running a store here on etsy on behalf of my cat Spookytooth. We make women's tshirts, and will soon be making bags and other bits.

We have been on here for about a month, and even though we are getting views, we havent had any sales of late.

Please have a look at the store and let me know what you think, how I should improve it, and most of all I need constructive criticism!!!! Is there a glaring issue I havent noticed? Please!! Tell me!

Thanks guys.

David and Spookytooth

Posted at 6:39 am Sep 14, 2012 EDT


Hi David,

I think the photos are the bigget thing you could work on. It's difficult to see what's on the shirt in your main photo. I think a consistant background could help to - maybe you could find a vintage clothes rack, or maybe a whethered grey fence might work better. Also, if you can get a shot on a model (ie. friend) that gives people an idea of the cut & fit.

Lastly, your policies & ABOUT page are not filled out, so no one knows how you ship, refund policies, payment types accepted etc.

But you'll find on Etsy, the biggest thing is the photos. The more professional & clean, the more likely you'll get in treasuries, front pages, likes etc.
There are some great help in the blog & seller handbook.

Best of luck! Melinda

Posted at 11:16 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

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