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Original Post

I'm not sure how many of you are jewellery makers but Bizzarr beads and most other bead stores i've found have all closed down, Does anyone know of any that are still around?

Posted at 1:46am Nov 28, 2011 EST


Brooke says

Hi Ashleigh,

I went looking for Bizzarr not too long ago as well and was very sad to find they had gone. I have done some net research and I can't seem to find any "shops" out there, it appears that everyone may have moved to on line stores now.

But if you do happen to find any, I'd love to hear about them too!


Posted at 6:47pm Nov 30, 2011 EST

Thanks Brooke!
Yeah i'm pretty disappointed, sometimes you just need to walk into a store and be inspired by what you see.

I'll let you know what i find!

Posted at 5:38pm Dec 2, 2011 EST

There is one still open on Napean Highway.

Posted at 3:25am Dec 3, 2011 EST

Kate from kaetoo says

There's one in North Balwyn, at the corner of Doncaster and Burke Roads ( I haven't been in there, but I drive past it once a week...

Also a quick Google for 'beads melbourne' reveals that there are a few others dotted around the place.

Posted at 5:09am Dec 3, 2011 EST

Thanks so much! I'll have to check both out xoxo

Posted at 5:59pm Dec 20, 2011 EST

What about The Bead Company on Smith Street in Collingwood is that still around they have a pretty decent range of beads and findings.

Posted at 3:13am Dec 21, 2011 EST

Kate is right... Harmony beads is still going strong... It has a wide variety of beads and fixing and can deffinatly help if your looking for inspiration... they have a large selection of ready made items...
There is also a bead shop off on of the arcades in Swanston Street (you have to go up a level) but unfortunatly i can not remember what its called!
There are also a couple still on Smith Street though Harmony Beads are my favourite!
Hope that helps!

Posted at 6:35am Jan 3, 2012 EST

HI there ... I'm in Eltham and I gra my necklace bits and bos from the Wholesale Beads shop in Montmorency. He is a super lovely man and very helpful. Hope this helps!

Posted at 5:30am Feb 15, 2012 EST

Sue says

Maria George Pty Ltd. - Melbourne, Victoria
179 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Phone: 03-9658-7333 Fax: 

Posted at 4:51pm Feb 15, 2012 EST

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