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Original Post

This is the thread for Sacramento Etsy members to post their latest creations:

Here is one:

Let's see what cool stuff is being made in Sacramento, Ca!

Posted at 10:15am Feb 4, 2011 EST


I like the suit fabric a great idea! I posted a bunch of new greeting cards in my shop yesterday at

Posted at 12:37pm Feb 4, 2011 EST

Very very nice cards and shop, pinsnpapers!

I just upcycled a sugar bowl into a pincushion!

Posted at 2:06pm Feb 4, 2011 EST

real cute goods, guys.

just posted a few sweet things for the little ones in my shop.

Posted at 4:42pm Feb 7, 2011 EST

Another tote using fabric-from-a-suit (suit was 75% off at EcoThrift on Auburn and San Juan).

Posted at 5:16pm Feb 9, 2011 EST

Oh my gosh, it is almost all me here.
SACRAMENTO, I know other people want to see your newest things!
Please post!
My latest, a zip pouch:

Goodness' me what Sacramento has been up to!

Posted at 3:26pm Feb 11, 2011 EST

FoxyMomma says

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I should have posted my Valentines earrings in here weeks ago, but I just found this thread today.

So here is my newest item listed today. Hand Beaded Unicorn Earrings in Silver and Gold

Posted at 5:39pm Feb 14, 2011 EST