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• are fun , friendly, and outgoing


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Original Post

Hi team,

Upon opening my second etsy shop, I am fast out growing my home based studio space. Sooooo, I am looking at renting a space in Ventura and hoping to share 1500sqft with another artist. The rent is $400 each and it is located on Main Street behind the massage school. It is an industrial/commercial space but really not a good store front but would make a great space for mini-flea markets or craft events or to meet your local customers who want to see your work up close and personal. This space is great for photographers, artists, crafters, storage and, well just anyone with a local business looking for room to grow. If you are interested in talking we me shoot me a convo. I am taking a leap of faith and making a choice to grow this business for one year to see where it can go. Cheers!


Posted at 10:33 am Apr 2, 2012 EDT


Heather says

What a great opportunity. I as well have thought about making this leap but am looking for something in Camarillo. My goal is to have a large enough space to hold art/craft shows, craft and small business classes and have space for a letterpress as soon as I save up enough to purchase one.

Posted at 9:07 pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT

I want to wish both of you lots of success in leasing space. As a commercial property manager, be certain your lease allows everything that you want to do. Do not rely on what someone says. What's in the lease is what goes.

Again, best of luck!

Posted at 12:48 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

One other thing, check your zoning. My company considers that a tenant responsibility. Go to City Hall and ask. Don't think that another shop is okay because they are there. They could be grandfathered but no new business is allowed. I have that on my property.

Posted at 1:10 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

Hi Again,

I've been off the radar working like a mad woman in the new space. Yes it is zoned for commercial purposes though a storefront is not something I am interested in. I was upfront with the leasing company about seeking another crafter or artist to share the space and that I would like to host workshops and such. The leasing agent is keeping her eye open for someone who might be interested in sharing the space so all is well. Evidently the space was used by the County of Ventura at one time as a rehab facility. The only no-no is any business or event that would be a noise issue ie. band practice and such.

Posted at 10:28 am May 13, 2012 EDT

Jaime - So glad that it is working out for you. Also glad that they will let you do what you want to do. I say no to so many things on the property because it will not fly or is a liability. If I hear of anyone looking for a space to share, I will get their contact info and forward to you.

Posted at 11:59 am May 18, 2012 EDT

Jamie, Have you found someone yet for this space to lease with you?

Posted at 1:24 pm May 18, 2012 EDT

Hi Jewels,

Sorry it took so long to get back with you. Not yet. Waiting for that perfect fit. Call me if you are interested in taking a peek..

Posted at 11:18 am Jun 27, 2012 EDT

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