Ventura County Handcrafted Etsy Street Team Anybody going to the Newbury Park Craft Fair?

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Sellers who
• reside in Ventura County, California
• want to interact with fellow sellers
• want to attend craft nights and fairs
• are fun, friendly, and outgoing
• want to be part of a TEAM

Members who
• reside in Ventura County, California
• are crafty and creative
• are interested in being a seller
• are fun , friendly, and outgoing


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Original Post

March 3 and 4. Juried fair in Borchard Park. I got in. Hope to see somebody from VTA Street Team there.

Posted at 11:49pm Feb 12, 2012 EST


we are not a very chatty group!
Am not planning to go, but let us know how you do Sandra!

Posted at 1:33pm Feb 14, 2012 EST

I want to go, but I'm really busy in the month of March - my brother is getting married. Please let me know how it goes, I would love to participate next time. Do you know of any other upcoming craft fairs in Ventura County?

Posted at 8:26pm Feb 14, 2012 EST

Amber there are actually a number of fairs going on in Ventura County. You should check out Festival
I try to stick pretty close to home. The next one I'm doing is the first week of April, I'm doing Mae Boyar Park, Oak Park, Rancho Simi Park and Rec Art and Craft Fair. Commercial vendors are allowed at this one, but I did really well last year at this one.
I'll keep you posted.

Posted at 1:37am Feb 15, 2012 EST

Sandra, thank you so much for sharing. I'm pretty new to selling pillow covers and handmade items. But my goal is to be able to eventually do it full time so I can stay at home when I start having kids. So being a vendor at local craft fairs makes sense to me. It's just kind of intimidating. Thanks for sharing the website. I will check it out and see which ones I can sign up for.

Posted at 2:05pm Feb 15, 2012 EST

Sandra, to be a vendor at these events (not a food vendor), do I need any special permits or paperwork with the city done?

Posted at 2:14pm Feb 15, 2012 EST

Hi Sandra. I am going to try to stop by. Sometimes my weekends are not my own and I work Fridays.

I checked into the Mae Boyer Park fair but since they want to target children, it's not for me. I stay away from all children's items because of the CPSIA laws.

Amber - Some require a resale number from the State, business license and insurance. Some require none of the above. It just depends.

Posted at 11:26pm Feb 16, 2012 EST

Hey Amber, Annie is right,
The smaller fairs don't require anything. But the bigger fairs want you to have a sellers permit.
I know it all sounds scary, but it isn't really. In CA, the sellers permit is free. You can do it online or go to the office Board of Equalization in Ventura and 20 minutes you'll walk out with your permit.
For several years, Simi Valley insisted on having a tax permit, I cost me $15, but this year they waived it.
And you really should have a business license, that one I think cost me $25?
The bottom line is, it's a little bit of paperwork, but if you want to start your own business, it's just something you have to do. And none of it was difficult.

Posted at 12:41am Feb 17, 2012 EST

I look forward to meeting you Annie.

Posted at 12:44am Feb 17, 2012 EST

I do have my selllers permit, I just didn't know if there are different ones you need for selling at specific locations in Ventura County. Thanks for you help. I hope that the fair goes really well for you and I am going to try and go on Sunday. Do you know where your booth will be located?

Posted at 2:10pm Feb 17, 2012 EST