Ventura County Handcrafted Etsy Street Team I'm a noob and would love some feedback. The Mini Sprout

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Original Post

Hi fellow members. I would love some feedback on my store if you have the time. All thoughts are welcome. Thanks so much!
Jenni Archer
The Mini Sprout

Posted at 10:18 pm Feb 20, 2012 EST


Hi Jenni! Here's a couple tricks for you:

1. The first 3 words of the title are the most important for getting your things to show up on search engines (inside and outside Etsy). Use these words to get across exactly what the thing is and who you want to find it. Such as: 'Flannel Baby Blanket', or 'Nursery Room Staple' or whatever. Use the color or pattern later in the title.

2. Repeat those words in your tags. There's no special order in the tags, the early tags are the same as the last tags. Etsy already gives priority to the first couple tags for putting you in the proper category.

3. My personal preference is for clean backgrounds. Most of your things have a pattern, so a solid (white?) background would be my choice. It would be super fun for you to show the item in use, but do you have a baby handy? Maybe one of those really realistic dolls? Or just throw it over a crib or something? Add a couple props, ie baby bottle or rattle? stuffed animal? ok, enough ideas. But I'd take out the labels, and maybe even the ribbon closures. Save those 'here's how the blanket is packaged' photo for one of the optional pics.

Hope you get lots of visitors!

Posted at 3:58 pm Feb 21, 2012 EST

Hi Jenni,

You have beautiful products. I agree along the same lines of Nina with using keywords. You need your keywords first in your title tag, product description and in the store description. Your title tag for the flannel baby blanket I looked at didn't even have "baby" in it. It should probably say something like "Baby Blanket - Designer Cotton Flannel with Turquoise, Orange and Pink". You can make it however you want, but hopefully you get the point.

I also saw 2 different blanket listings and they both only had three images. Try to add at least one more, if not two.

Also, the shop section that you have is "cotton flannel blankets". I would put the word Baby blanket in there. So maybe "flannel baby blankets". If you also have different types of blankets for adults, put those in a different category.

Another thing I noticed is that you only have 3 items in the top "featured items' section of your store. Add one more so that it doesn't look incomplete.

I hope that this helps. Good luck to you and I wish you much success.

Posted at 12:49 pm Feb 22, 2012 EST

I would suggest joining the business topics team. There's lots of help and info, such as taking pictures, advertising, marketing, etc. However there is also a bunch of whining and threads that will eat up time so don't get sucked in.

Posted at 3:15 pm Feb 22, 2012 EST

Thanks so much ladies....I really appreciate your feedback. I'll be working on some revisions! Best wishes for continued success.

Posted at 12:33 pm Feb 23, 2012 EST

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